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AdWords is a great tool to get your business on the front page of Google Search.

Ontario SEO is a certified Google Partner with both Google Adwords and Google Analytics certifications. We use an integrated SEO and SEM approach to marketing your business so you succeed in both paid and organic search. All of our AdWords packages include the creation & management of your campaign(s) and monthly reporting.


For AdWords advertising budgets of $350 - $1000 per month

Our team will use keyword research and competitive analysis to select the most profitable target keywords for your business. We will set-up your account and monitor it regularly. 

  •  1 campaign
  •  Up to 300 keywords
  •  Ad content creation
  •  Managed negative keywords
  •  Location extensions
  •  Conversion tracking
  •  Basic account optimization



Monthly Management Fee $ 350 


For AdWords advertising budgets of $1000 to $3000 per month 

If your business has large or frequent promotional campaigns, serves multiple local markets, or needs to be on the top of the front page, this is the package for you.  

  •  Up to 4 campaigns  
  •  Up to 1000 keywords 
  •  Ad creation & optimization 
  •  Managed negative keywords 
  •  Google Analytics integrated conversion tracking 
  •  Custom account optimization  
  •  Landing page optimization  
  •  Mobile ads 
  •  Sitelink extensions 
  •  Call extensions  
  •  Location extensions 
  •  Managed call-outs 
  •  Remarketing 
  •  Display ads


Monthly Management Fee $ 550 


For AdWords advertising budgets of $3000 to $10000 per month 

If AdWords is one of your primary online marketing tools, you sell multiple products or services, or run multiple promotions or events to a wide geographic audience this is the package for you.  

  •  „ Unlimited campaigns
  •  „ Unlimited keywords
  •  „ Ad creation & optimization
  •  „ Managed negative keywords
  •  „ Google Analytics integrated conversion tracking
  •  „ Advanced account optimization 
  •  „ Landing page creation & optimization
  •  „ Mobile ads
  •  „ Sitelink extensions




Monthly Management Fee $ 950 

Select from one of our above packages based on your expected monthly budget.
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