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Website Analytics

Google Analytics Implementation and Audits

Have you noticed a change in your website performance or are you not seeing the results you expect? Let us develop and implement a strategic plan to measure and monitor online performance of specific business objectives. Through monitoring and strategic audits, we can measure your website performance and provide actionable intelligence on user experience issues, conversion optimization and the success of all of your online marketing efforts (paid-search campaigns, display advertising, etc.)

Find Answers
Where is your profitable online traffic coming from (organic search, paid search, website referrals)?
What age group, gender, or city spends more on your site?
Where in the buying process are you losing potential customers?

  • Clear strategic planning to achieve your desired online business goals with the ability to measure your ROI directly
  • Actionable intelligence on improving user experience and conversions
  • Highly targeted information on users and user behaviour to be used in guiding future decision making
What’s Included
  • Detailed answers to specific questions on user behaviour and conversions
  • Advanced Google Analytics implementations including ecommerce tracking, search analytics, segmentation and content grouping
  • Advanced filters, event tracking and goal tracking
  • Technical troubleshooting and non-standard tracking code implementation
  • Custom dashboards and reporting