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Client Resources

Your Google Analytics monthly online marketing report is full of a wealth of information that you can use to measure your website performance and guide strategic SEO and online marketing decisions to generate more business. The following resources will help you understand your monthly marketing report.

Audience Report

The audience report tells you who is looking at your website. It will show you the days you get the most traffic, where your website visitors are located, and the devices your visitors are using. On this report you will also see a 12-week overview of your website performance broken down by traffic type (Organic, Paid, Referral).

Acquisition Report

The Acquisition Report tells you where on the internet your website visitors are coming from. Many website visitors will originate from search engines (called organic traffic). But your site may also get visits from referral traffic, social media sites and other sources. Use this report to understand how your visitors are finding your website online.

Engagement Report

The engagement report shows you how your users are engaging with your website. It provides data from the same month in the previous year for comparison. You can use this report to understand how well you are engaging your customers once they arrive on your website. On this report you will see metrics like average time on site, bounce rate, and page views per visit.

Acquisition by Medium

This report is available to clients with advanced analytics packages. This report lists your website traffic for the reporting month broken down by the traffic source (organic, referral, email, pay-per-click). This report provides an in-depth look at your traffic sources and allows for deeper interpretation of your visitor data.

E-Commerce Report

This report is available to clients with e-commerce websites with advanced analytics packages. The report shows the monthly performance of your products and services that are sold through your website.

AdWords Report

If your website is running a pay-per-click campaign through Google AdWords, this report provides many of the standard metrics for evaluating your campaign performance.