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Client Resources - AdWords Report

Adwords Report

Your AdWords report provides many of the standard metrics for evaluating pay-per-click performance. Your report may be broken down by campaign or ad-group depending on the structure of your AdWords account.


What is it?

The total number of times your advertisement was displayed to potential customers.


What is it?

The total number of times an individual clicked on your advertisement.

Cost per Click

What is it?

This is the cost of each individual click on your advertisements. Cost per click depends on your competition, your ad position, and the quality of your website landing pages and advertisements.

Average Position

What is it?

This is the average position on the search engine page where your ad is displayed. Generally speaking, position 1-2 will be above the organic results, while position 3-6 will be down the right side of the search results page. Ads usually have greater success in higher positions, however those positions have greater costs per click.


What is it?

This is the number of users who clicked on your ad then completed a goal as defined in your AdWords account. A conversion can include things such as form submissions, purchases or phone calls (if you have call tracking enabled). Depending on how your account is configured, AdWords conversions can be the same or different than the goals you have defined in Google Analytics account.

Cost per Conversion

What is it?

The cost per conversion is a performance metric used to evaluate your return on your AdWords investment. It is calculated by dividing the number of conversions achieved through pay-per-click by the total monthly cost of the AdWords campaign or ad-group. You must have conversions enabled to calculate this metric.

Total Assisted Conversions

What is it?

Google Analytics can track users across multiple visits to your website. If a user first arrives on your website through pay-per-click, does not make a purchase, but returns another time through a different method (like search, directly or referral) and makes a purchase, AdWords will count this conversion as an assisted conversion. The assisted conversion metric in your report is the total number of conversions where AdWords was involved in at least one part of the conversion funnel. The number includes both your direct AdWords conversions and conversions that can be attributed indirectly to AdWords.