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Client Resources - Ecommerce Report

E-Commerce Report

If you have ecommerce analytics enabled, this report can show you the performance of your products and services.

Number of Transactions

What is it? The total number of online transactions that occurred on your website in the reporting month.

Ecommerce Conversion Rate 

What is it? 

This is the number of transactions on your website divided by the total number of visits to your website. It is a performance metric that shows the proportion of your website traffic that makes a purchase online. It does not account for offline transactions that may have been initiated by a website visit.

Ecommerce Revenue

What is it?

This is the revenue generated from your online sales in the reporting month. It does not include offline transactions that may have been initiated by a website visit.

Average Order Value

What is it?

This is the average amount an individual spent when making an individual purchase on your website.

Average Days to Purchase

What is it?

The average amount of time (in days) between when a user first visits your website and when they make a purchase. For many retail sites this number is often less than 1 day.

Transactions by Medium

What is it?

This figure shows completed transactions, broken down by the traffic sources where the visits originated from (i.e. organic, referral, paid).

Top Conversion Channels

What is it?

This table shows the number of transactions and revenue generated by different traffic sources.

Top Products

What is it?

This is a list of the products that generated the most revenue in the reporting month. Please note this data is not available with all content management systems.