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Client Testimonials

The majority of our clients are located in London, Ontario and other nearby Ontario cities, but we also have clients from as far away as the Netherlands! Although we get many clients from word-of-mouth referrals, our clients who come to us from far away have found us online and are impressed with our offerings. We provide these clients with case studies to demonstrate our success with previous clients and we also will have conference calls (and sometimes even use Skype) to communicate successfully.

At Ontario SEO, we’re proud to say that we have a great relationship with our clients. Since we are committed to being open, transparent and operating with integrity, they know that they can call or email us whenever they have a question or simply want to chat about how a certain campaign is going. When we send out monthly progress reports for each client, we make sure that it is worded accessibly in plain language so that there is no confusion. On every report we include a note that they are welcome to phone us if they would like to discuss any matter in more detail.

When we told our clients that we had been nominated for the BBB Integrity Award, they were extremely happy for us. When we sent out email requests asking clients to act as references or to write us letters of recommendations, we were met with the same response – they would be more than happy to do it and each gave us a sincere congratulations. Even being nominated for this award is flattering and the response we’ve gotten when we’ve told our customers about it is even more flattering.

Below are some letters of recommendation from some of our happy clients.

"This team continues to over service. They come up with brilliant ideas, they make me feel smarter than I really am and seem to be available for whatever silly question I have or to fix what I thought I could do myself making me less afraid to try. Great partner to have in this digital spider web that gets more confusing everyday."

Jillian H

"Ontario SEO created a modern, sleek, and expertly optimized website for the company I work for. I am so pleased to be working with this exceptional team! They have generated additional web traffic, which has led to additional inquiries from prospects, and by extension, increased our sales. I am proud to have been the one to introduce my company to this fantastic service. Thank you, Ontario SEO!"

Meghan N

"I have met Kim at a networking event last summer. Her business has existed for 10 years in London where she helps small business owners in creating a LinkedIn company page, provide coaching session as how to change content in the future. She knows the importance of SEO key words on a website and she can help understand what keywords I need to have on my website so I can edit content to increase the SEO ratings. Her company provides assistance with website Google analytics, helps with social media marketing campaigns as well as being knowledgeable in Google AdWords. I like to work with companies located in London to help our local economy and above all I trust Kim. "

Mary W

"The NASH Cup is a yearly squash event that takes place at the London Squash & Fitness Club in London, Ontario. It benefits junior squash players and we’ve been a proud sponsor of the NASH Cup since 2010. We maintain their website, update their silent auction page with the latest donors and we create posters and flyers for the event which are distributed around the city. "

NASH Cup Logo

"The work we do for the Cheetah Conservation Fund is something the entire staff at Ontario SEO takes part in, depending on what their area of expertise is. We set up, monitor and maintain their Google Adwords account with the charity budget given to them by Google. We regularly update and maintain the website, creating new pages, adding new events and troubleshooting when errors arise. Kim also promotes the Cheetah Conservation Fund in the local community and was recently sponsored by Ontario SEO to speak at a local elementary school on Earth Day about the endangered species. "

Cheetah Conservation Fund

"Dear BBB Integrity Award Committee, This is a letter recognizing the work that Ontario SEO has been doing on a community exchange project in partnership with the Old East Village Community Association (OEVCA) and the London Intercommunity Health Centre (LIHC). The OEV Community Exchange is a community development project that facilitates residents in the Old East Village (OEV) to connect with one another to exchange goods and services to find opportunities to help each other out or volunteer for other community activities. A central piece of this project is the creation, maintenance and refining of an online tool where participants would create profiles and start making connections and exchanges. Ontario SEO has stepped up to be the lead on the development of the online tool while the OEVCA and LIHC will recruit volunteers and ensure that people are trained and able to use the tool. I am a member of the OEVCA Data collection committee which is the arm of the OEVCA that is working on this project and have been working closely with SEO leadership. The role that Ontario SEO has committed to play in building the online tool is central to the project and no small task. One of the most amazing parts of working with Ontario SEO from my experience is the willingness their leadership team has had to work with community partners, to give their time freely, and to participate in a team project which always poses challenges. Ontario SEO was a willing and gracious partner from the beginning of the project when we approached them and they saw the vision and potential of the project right away. Their work on the project has added much value and we would not be as far along without them. Up to this point Ontario SEO has helped consult with the team about how the web tool would work and develop a marketing and outreach plan for how to launch the project publically. Kim and Wayne have also gone above and beyond their commitments to this project. For example they attended and helped at the booth at our first community awareness event where we set up a table for the project at a festival and recruited community members to help facilitate people’s use of the online tool. Their expertise in web development and marketing will prove invaluable for the success of this project. I hope that Ontario SEO can be honoured with a BBB Integrity Award. Beyond my own work with them, I have been aware that they’ve offered several other training opportunities to the wider community to learn about innovative web marketing and google products. My wife was able to attend one of these free events and it has helped her think about how best to market her own business. The contribution of Ontario SEO to the broader community is felt beyond their walls and clients and this is what makes them a business worthy of such an award. "

Michael Courey
Old East Village Community Association

"To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter as a reference and nomination for a best of London award. Ontario SEO was hired as soon as we decided to start up our new retail store. The team at Ontario SEO worked seamlessly as a team in getting not only my website designed, up, and running but also every kind of social media outlet you can imagine. Due to the heavy onset work of starting your own business, I currently have the team doing my maintenance of all the social media and website. Ontario SEO has not only have taken the stress out of keeping up on all of that but they offer competitive prices and more bang for your buck. Their staff is amazing and overall the customer service and quick pace in which they complete tasks is top notch. Ontario SEO is simply the best. Sincerely, Tom Bitz"

Tom Bitz
The Rusty Gate, Gift and Gallery

"Ontario SEO has taught me the importance of my social media presence. Being an employee of a powerful brand is magnificent but offering a personal presence to my clients on a daily basis sets me apart from all the other travel agents out there. Wayne and Kim have educated me about how I can optimize my utilization of the internet and as a result I feel empowered to provide my services confidently through every avenue available to me. "

Deb U.
Travel Consultant and Travel Blogger

"I’ve learned long ago that when you aren’t skilled at something to hire someone who is. The problem is, who do you hire? That’s always a tough question, especially when you’re dealing in an area that you have little knowledge of. While I have a basic understanding of how “things” work, I soon found out that there’s so much more I didn’t know. I guess you could say I now know what I don’t know… Kim and her team at Ontario SEO helped me see everything in a new way. And lo and behold, there’s a whole technical universe out there! Ontario SEO has the knowledge of how that complex universe works and more importantly, how it can work for me. For anyone looking to build or grow their business, I strongly urge you to give Kim a call. I strongly believe in the saying “it takes money to make money”. What Ontario SEO teaches you is how and where to spend that money for a greater return. I’m very happy I chose them."

John C.

"In the midst of creating our website, we contacted Kim and her team at Ontario SEO to touch base early on to make sure we weren't missing any steps in the creation process. Shortly after our brief consultation, Kim and her team sent me a full audit of my web traffic and the competitions traffic in my industry. It was easy to understand, full of useful tools, and she did it on her own time before any of the commissioned work even began. Needless to say, when our website is done, we will use Ontario SEO to maintain and improve it."

Randy R.
Studio B