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Google Adwords

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Effective Lead Generation

Online advertising with Google AdWords means you can target your ads to your geographic area, display only to those potential clients looking for your services, and show up on the first page of the search results - all within hours of the campaign going live!

  • Get more customers using Google Adwords

    Unlike other forms of advertising Google Adwords can help you grow your sales and bring in new customers within days of starting your campaign.

  • Choose who you are targeting.

    Google Adwords means that you will get the right message, to the right person, at the right time and in the right place across all their devices

  • You only pay for results!

    You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website or calls you. And you always know how well your account is performing and where your leads are coming from.

We'll make Pay Per Click advertising profitable for you.

We can manage your Pay Per Click campaign for an affordable monthly fee. You will benefit from our experience, sophisticated software tools, and our focus on profitability. We focus on increasing the ROI of your campaign, not just the click-through rate or sheer number of traffic.

What's In It For You?

Conversions and Profitability

A focus on high click-through rates and traffic volume can cost you a lot of money if it doesn't result in orders or profitable sales leads. We focus on conversions and profitability and manage your campaign with that in mind. Our analytics driven approach means that you'll be able to see the progress being made every month and make budget and marketing decisions based on hard data.

Landing Page Testing

Every month we test your landing pages as part of an ongoing attempt to extract higher conversion rates in every part of your campaign. We'll make small changes and then run split tests to see which pages deliver a higher conversion rate. Done correctly, this will deliver incremental increases in campaign ROI month over month.

Bid Management

We manage your bids on an individual keyword basis. We make sure you're not bidding too high on keywords that don't convert to paying customers, or too low on the small group of keywords that bring in the bulk of your business or sales leads.

Ad Group Management

As new, profitable keywords are added to your keyword list they sometimes find themselves in less than perfect ad groups. We continually refine and restructure your ad groups to maximize the efficiency and relevancy of your profitable keywords.

Keyword Management

We identify the keywords that have the highest conversion rates - bringing in the most business or the best sales leads. These keywords are individually managed to maximize both clicks and profitability. In addition to the top performing keywords we also continually identify poorly performing keywords to reduce campaign costs and eliminate non-converting traffic.

No Contracts to sign
We won't tie you down with a long-term service contract. Our services are flexible and always start with a trial period. We're confident you'll see the value in our services within the first month.

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