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PPC - Local Paid Search Marketing

Local Pay per Click Advertising

If you are looking to attract new clients to your business, pay per click advertising might be of great benefit to you. Because you can control just about every aspect of your advertising campaign, you can use your business’ budget wisely as you only pay for clicks that bring targeted customers directly to your website.

Pay per click advertising lets you decide exactly how much you want to pay, where you want your customers to come from, and where and when on the web you want to advertise.

In addition, pay per click advertising allows for flexibility and immediacy. You can switch your ads on and off as needed and you start and make changes in just minutes. That means that if you launch a new service or product, you can begin advertising for it immediately. Because you have access to excellent analytics with pay per click advertising, you can make adjustments to all aspects of your campaign to maximize its effectiveness.

Local advertising Online

Pay Per Click advertising is perfect for any businesses looking to reach new customers in their local market, whether that be the whole of Ontario or a tighter focus on London or Toronto, (or both).

Pay Per Click adwords London Ontario

Ideal for small business advertising

As can be seen on our PPC advertising page, your PPC budget can be tightly controlled by setting daily or monthly limits that you are comfortable with, limiting your ad campaign to just a few days, and stipulating which geographic area your ads will be displayed in.

The image above shows how easy it is to set the preferences for your advertising campaign so that your ad will only be displayed when someone searches for your specific keyword in London Ontario. If someone searches for that same key phrase in Windsor, Toronto or Ottawa the ads will not be displayed, can’t be clicked on, and won’t waste your advertising budget. This is as close to an ideal situation as you can get - you are only displaying your advert to someone who is actively searching for your services.

The ROI can be extremely impressive for a small business that uses Pay Per Click advertising in a targeted way. Keeping your keywords and key phrases tight at first, evaluating the results, and then focusing on the keywords and ads that are performing will ensure that you get qualified traffic at a very low cost per lead.

If you’re looking to shift some of your advertising budget to the web or are trying to reduce your Search Engine marketing spend but still need to bring in new business, then please contact us.