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Reach your best prospects with smart, targeted PPC

What is “PPC”?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising means you only pay for results – clicks – no matter how many times your ad displays at the top of any relevant searches.

  • Get noticed when it counts: when people are already searching for you
  • Drive 100% relevant, location-targeted traffic to your offer
  • Quickly jump to the top of related Google search results


What is “AdWords”?

AdWords is an official Google service combining several critical aspects of successful PPC campaigns:

  • Keyword analysis – discover your best-performing keywords
  • Detailed reporting & analytics – test, refine, and optimise your campaigns
  • Expanded reach & top placement – your targeted ads at the top of related searches


What is a managed AdWords PPC campaign?

That’s how Ontario SEO makes sure your best customers find you easily and consistently. While it’s certainly possible to create and control your own AdWords campaign, this approach can be hit-and-miss – and time consuming.

As an official Google partner, businesses of all sizes trust us to develop, manage, and refine PPC campaigns that enhance online presence and reach by targeting the right audience at the right time for maximum conversions.

An OSEO-managed AdWords campaign focuses on profitability: high ROI from relevant traffic. Because focusing purely on click counts can get hyper-expensive in a hurry without proper targeting.

Smart PPC is much more than a sheer-numbers game.


How can we help your business grow?

Ontario SEO takes a comprehensive, testing-driven approach to AdWords PPC campaigns. Traffic that doesn’t convert only costs you money – our campaigns hone in on profitable leads, using detailed analytics (with thorough, transparent reporting) to optimise every step of your sales funnel.

Here’s how it works:

Conversion rate optimisation

Thorough testing and analytics help us identify opportunities to refine and even retarget campaigns on the fly. You’ll see progress each month.

Landing page testing

Tiny changes can make a huge difference – monthly split-testing incrementally boosts conversions as we narrow down the highest-ROI presentation for your niche.

Bid management

Our team reviews your keyword bids on a weekly basis to ensure you never overpay for low-converting queries, focusing your bids on the keywords that generate the bulk of your business.

Keyword management

Individual keyword management means maximising profitability by continually targeting your highest-selling keywords and dropping low performers to reduce non-converting traffic (and lower campaign costs).

Ad group management

As your keyword list evolves, we monitor continually to ensure keywords get used efficiently and relevantly in the appropriate ad groups.

Zero contracts (long or short)

There’s no need. Our managed PPC services always begin with a one-month trial period. We’re confident you’ll experience the value we bring to the table within that time.


Welcome to profitable PPC!