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Monthly Online Marketing



1. Full technical audit to identify any aspects of your website that may be causing any of the following issues:

a. Indexing issues for the search engines
b. Accessibility and usability issues
c. Duplicate content d. Mobile problems – this is now a ranking issue as well as a technical one

2. Suggest and implement site structure improvements, including url structure

3. Document and clean up broken internal as well as inbound links

4. Ensure analytics is correctly implemented and is tracking on all pages under all standard use conditions 5. Audit page load times and implement improvements where necessary



1. Detailed keyword research to identify all possible search phrases and topics that are being used by potential clients. These keywords are then mapped to existing pages on your website to ensure they are targeting a single topic. Keyword research will also identify areas of opportunity that may be worth incorporating into your website.

2. Competitor research. Analyse the competing websites and identify the keyword topics that they are targeting, as well as where their strongest inbound links are coming from.  



The on-page optimization phase will start with the most important pages of your website – those that are targeting your main keyword search terms. Once these have been done the sub pages will also be completely optimized. On a regular basis all pages, even previously optimized pages, will be reviewed and enhanced if necessary.

1. Complete optimization and html improvements to every page on the website without changing the design or website appearance. This will include:

a. Ensuring that each page is targeting only one specific keyword topic. A topic may include more than one keyword phrase/s but is always focused on the primary keyword within that topic. This also ensure that the site does not have multiple pages targeting the same keyword.
b. Rewritten browser page titles and Meta descriptions aimed at improving the relevance of the page for the targeted keyword. The goal is to maximize the page’s chances of ranking for the targeted keywords.
c. Ensure that each page has the correct page structure and hierarchy as expected by the search engines.
d. Improve all image alt text tags to ensure they are a match to not just the keyword being targeted by the page, but are also relevant to the surrounding text or content block that they are placed in.
e. Ensure the relevant pages have clears calls to action.

2. Ensure that the page matches the keyword intent of the website visitor and potential client. In other words, if a visitor lands on a page will it answer their search query and give them the information necessary to contact you for information or a quote?


1. Create and present a content strategy for the full 12 months. The content strategy will clearly indicate dates and responsibilities for each item of content and will cover:

a. Enhancing existing pages for optimization and conversion purposes
b. The creation of supporting pages to boost existing top level pages
c. New marketing pages to broaden the potential keyword topic reach that your website can be found for
d. Timely and relevant social content aimed at being shared with your target audiences. This would cover Google+, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn e. New informational content based on typical topics that are searched for by potential clients at different stages of the sales cycle

2. Content creation and publishing as approved and agreed upon


1. Development of quality, relevant inbound link to improve the domain authority and rankings of your website. This would include industry niche links.


1. Reports will be submitted by the 10th of the month for the previous month and will include website performance metrics, KPI goal tracking, as well as actionable recommendations.

2. Monthly consult and review of project progress and current focus.


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