Apple is Adding BIMI to Their Newest OS Updates

SEO Associate
October 20, 2022
BIMI on iPhone

Apple has added brand indicators for message identification (BIMI) to its most recent round of OS updates. Both iOS 16 and macOS Ventura are going to feature BIMI, to the benefit of both consumers and companies.

What is BIMI?

BIMI lets brands display their logos next to their authentic emails. The idea is to give consumers an easy way to tell verified company emails from potential spam attacks posing as a big brand. BIMI is currently only used by 9% of companies, Apple’s decision to implement the technology in their email system is a huge boost for BIMI.

BIMI is expected to soon be a new standard in email marketing. Apple is joining Google and several other email providers in their use of BIMI to ensure a more trustworthy email experience for its users. The use of brand-supported logos as an authenticator to the consumer is sure to provide improved levels of trust between consumers and company emails, which should lead to increased engagement.

On top of increasing user trust, BIMI will also prove to serve brands by way of increased brand recognition. By verifying emails with brand logos, BIMI can help marketers connect with their consumers.

Why We Care

90% of cyberattacks begin with email. The implementation of BIMI will allow email marketers and their companies separate themselves from spam or fraudulent emails. BIMI will also encourage the consumer to interact with branded emails they know they can trust. Ultimately, this is a huge win for consumers and marketers alike.