Ontario SEO Named One of London’s Best Places to Work 2022 

October 24, 2022
Best Places to Work

We are proud to announce that Ontario SEO has been named one of London’s Best Places to Work 2022! The award spotlights London businesses whose employees consistently rank them as exceptional in areas such as leadership, collaborative culture, personal engagement, and employee satisfaction. 

We have been honoured with this award in the Small Business category for the last three years in a row—an outstanding achievement that inspires us to continue promoting a positive work environment that appreciates and rewards employee excellence. Each year, the winners are selected from dozens of applicants from varying industries, from real estate and finance to technology and marketing. Across industries, however, we all share a common mission: nurture a positive, supportive company culture where our employees play an integral role and are proud to work for us. 

About Us

Screenshot of our London Inc. Magazine's Best Places to Work feature.

Ontario SEO is an innovative digital marketing agency that designs multi-pronged marketing campaigns to deliver incredible, consistent growth for our clients. Specializing in SEO and digital advertising, we partner with businesses across industries to consult and create digital content that promotes and inspires.  

What Makes Our Business Click?

Our team is a talented group of dedicated, experienced professionals with specialized areas of expertise, allowing us to offer our clients a range of digital marketing options to suit their needs. As a result, we have a proven track record of diverse, decisive ad campaigns and SEO projects that produce results more quickly than in-house marketing.  

Why Our Organization is a Great Place to Work

A positive company culture is built on integrity, trust, and respect, and at Ontario SEO, we consider these our core values. Each team member is a passionate, creative individual who remains dedicated to providing top-tier service to our clients. We recognize employee excellence by offering opportunities for continuous personal growth, allowing our team to embrace innovative solutions that are ahead of the curve in our industry.  

Here’s Something We Do a Little Differently

We value specialized knowledge in our team, and we encourage our team members to find their areas of expertise and cultivate a niche. We also value work-life balance and offer flexible working options that allow our team to excel in delivering the results we’re known for.  

What Our Employees Are Saying:  

I’ve never worked somewhere where the team was more passionate and skilled at what they do! It’s truly great to work at a business that values not only hard work, but collaboration, professional development, and idea-sharing. – Jess Pieprzak, SEO Associate  

What Makes Ontario SEO One of the Best Places to Work? 

Located in the heart of downtown London, Ontario, our digital marketing agency is home to our amazing team of dedicated digital marketing professionals. While the pandemic presented unique challenges for us to overcome, we maintained our supportive company culture despite the necessity for distance. When we returned to the office, we were reinvigorated and determined to continue to do what we do best: cultivate positive, lasting relationships between our team members and our clients, all while delivering great results that surpass expectations.  

Valuing Work-Life Balance 

We know our team values a strong work ethic, which has helped us to build a culture of trust and respect. However, we also recognize the importance of downtime. We strive to both reward hard work and offer flexible working arrangements to allow our team to rest and recharge. You’ll often find us celebrating our team’s successes on the front porch with champagne!  

Fostering a Supportive, Collaborative Environment  

We know our team is talented, passionate about our work, and dedicated to our clients, so we foster an environment where they can thrive through collaboration and innovation. We encourage our team to find cutting-edge solutions to age-old problems and to share their unique ideas so that we can maintain our culture of continuous growth.  

Client Success is Our Priority 

Ontario SEO’s proven track record speaks for itself. We don’t believe in locking our clients into contracts because we want them to keep coming back because they love our work, not because they’re contractually obligated. Despite throwing contractual obligations out the window, however, we have an ever-growing, long-standing client roster. Why? They know our reputation has been built on delivering consistent growth and great customer service, and they trust us to continue leading digital marketing projects that elevate their businesses to new heights.  

Our team shares their dedication and enthusiasm! More than half of our employees have worked with us for at least 2 years, and we credit our competitive compensation, employee benefits plan, and exceptional career advancement opportunities for their continued loyalty over the years.  

Our Score 

  • Overall Engagement:   13.86
  • Dedication: 4.81
  • Effort: 4.62
  • Interest: 4.44
  • Net Promoter: 92.31  
Best Places to Work Scores

Here’s a look at what those individual scores really mean:  

Engagement: a positive, fulfilling, work-related state of mind that is characterized by dedication, effort, and interest. Out of five possible points.  

Dedication: how strongly involved in one’s work and experiencing a sense of meaning, enthusiasm, inspiration, pride, and challenge. Out of five possible points.  

Effort: characterized by high levels of energy and mental toughness while working, the willingness to invest effort in one’s work, and determination in the face of difficulties. Out of five possible points.  

Interest: characterized by being focused and happily involved in one’s work, out of five possible points.  

Net Promoter: an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of employees to recommend their organization to others as a great place to work.  

Thank you to London Inc. and to Ahria Consulting for recognizing Ontario SEO as one of London’s Best Places to Work for the third year running! We are thrilled to have our positive company culture acknowledged once again, and we will strive to continue offering the engaged, supportive atmosphere we’ve become known for as one of London’s top workplaces.  

Join Our Team 

If you have a passion for digital marketing and an interest in working with an expert, collaborative team, we want to hear from you! Our client list is always growing and so is our team. Visit our Careers page or send us your resume and let us know why you’re a great fit for us.