How Bing Chat Uses ChatGPT and Search with Prometheus

Emily Punnett
Emily Punnett
May 2, 2023
How Bing Chat Uses ChatGPT & Search with Prometheus – Ontario SEO

After unveiling Bing’s new Ai-powered search engine in February of 2023, Microsoft is sharing how Bing Chat combines the power of ChatGPT and its Prometheus AI model.  

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Jordi Ribas, recently published a post called Building the New Bing, which details how Bing Chat uses ChatGTP and Search with its Prometheus AI model. In this blog, we’ll briefly go over what Bing’s new search engine offers as well as some of the key takeaways from the post. 

About Bing’s New AI-Powered Search Engine

Screenshot of Bing’s new home page.

In case you haven’t heard, Bing recently launched its new AI-powered search engine that merges search and chat together. In Microsoft’s post that details how the new Bing works, Ribas states that Bing’s design team “…developed a new UX that unified Search and Chat into a single interface, where users could easily switch back and forth by clicking on UX elements in the page, or by simply scrolling or swiping up and down.”  

When developing Bing’s new search engine, Ribas shares that OpenAI’s next generation GPT model inspired their team to “explore ways on how to integrate Chat GPT’s capabilities into the Bing search product to provide more accurate and complete search results for any query including long, complex, and natural queries.”

What is Bing’s Prometheus AI Model and How Does it Work?

In Microsoft’s post, Ribas describes Prometheus as Bing’s proprietary technology and first-of-its-kind AI model that “combines Bing’s search index, ranking, and answer results with the creative reasoning capabilities of OpenAI’s advanced GPT models”. In other words, Chat GPT models are able to utilize fresher content and data (unlike other Large Language Models which are trained with data up to a particular point in time). 

Microsoft also provided a diagram to visualize how the process works, from query to chat answer. Based on this diagram, here is our understanding of how it works: 

  1. A user types in a query into Bing. 
  1. Prometheus interprets the query, taking into account the conversation context. 
  1. This data gets funnelled through a component called “Bing Orchestrator” which leverages Bing’s index, ranking, and answers as well as OpenAI’s Next Generation GPT in a matter of milliseconds. 
  1. Bing chat attaches relevant Bing search answers such as weather, stock sports, news, etc. to the chat answer, to provide a richer and more engaging user experience.  

Future Improvements to Bing Chat

In regards to the future of Bing Chat, Ribas’ post also revealed plans to: 

  • 4x increase the grounding data they send to the model to improve chat answer accuracy 
  • Add a toggle that gives users more control to optimize their experience depending on their task and goals 
  • Introduce caps in the chat experience as they have found that very long chat sessions can confuse the underlying chat model 

Final Thoughts

Bing’s new AI-powered search engine is revolutionizing the way users search for information by providing more accurate and comprehensive search results for queries of all lengths and complexity. This marks a significant milestone in the evolution of search technology. 

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