Building Links Through Good Content

Wayne Atkinson, Ontario SEO
Wayne Atkinson
September 25, 2014
Building Links Through Good Content
There are a lot of good reasons to build links to your website.  They can improve your rankings in the search engine results, but they can also help get your name and website out there and in front of people.  So how can you obtain these lucrative links? Content. Good, shareable content.
Content marketing is one of the more popular strategies right now, and for good reason. More and more Google is attributing higher value and rankings to sites that offer the best “user experience” as well as providing value and quality information on a topic.  Links show Google that users have indeed seen this, and found it valuable enough that they wanted to share it with others.
So how do you get these links?  Do you need a network of websites that are all working together to boost ranking through links? No, you need to add value and make sure that your content is seen by those who matter.  Let’s look at a good first step, how to add the value your users want to read, share, and pass along to others on their own websites and social networks.
A great way to find what users are looking for is to take a look at some of your followers on Twitter and Facebook. See what they are finding interesting and what they are sharing with each other.  Are there any authoritative figures in your industry who are prominent on social media? What are they interested in? When they share content what do people who follow them like and share the most?  Reviews? News? New uses for an old product?  Keep a tally of shares and likes for content types and use that as an indicator on what content you should be creating to get the most impact.
Congrats! You are starting to look at content in a way that puts what your users like most and find most valuable… first!  Time to create!