Linked In is launching a podcast network – Ontario SEO

LinkedIn Has Launched a Podcast Network

April 18, 2022

LinkedIn is venturing into a new digital network platform, podcasts. In February 2022, LinkedIn launched a podcast network pilot program. The pilot program is called LinkedIn Podcast Network and allows […]

Google launches automated vehicle ads – Ontario SEO

Google Launches Automated Vehicle Ads

April 4, 2022

Earlier this month, Google announced a new Google Ads format for advertising vehicles to consumers. The announcement launched automated vehicle ads that are available to all advertisers in the United […]

cookies on a laptop – Ontario SEO

A Cookieless Future is Here

March 28, 2022

Web browsers from Apple and Firefox have already blocked third-party cookies by default and Google is said to be following suit soon. Originally, Google shared in a blog post that […]

pay-per-click spelled out near a laptop and smartphone

Google and Facebook 2021 Revenue results

March 7, 2022

2021 was a tumultuous year, so investors and digital marketers were keen to hear the results of the advertising giants, Google, and Facebook. Both Google and Facebook posted record earnings […]