Facebook’s New Flex And-Or Targeting

March 4, 2016
Exactly who do you target when you use these different types of Facebook targeting options

If Facebook advertising is part of your online marketing strategy, have you been taking advantage of Facebook’s new Flex And-Or Exclusion targeting? This addition to Facebook ads lets you get even more specific with your audience and gives you even more control over exactly who will see your ads.

You might have noticed some more options available in Facebook’s targeting options and that certain areas have been moved around to account for these changes. Demographics, Behaviors and Interests are all part of the Detailed Targeting section so that it’s even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for and who you want to target.

Right below this field, you’ll notice two new options: Exclude People or Narrow Audience. These are both part of the new Flex targeting so that you can really drill down into the audience you want.

Facebook’s New Flex And-Or Targeting

Narrow Audience is where you’ll want to go if you want your audience to match at least ONE of the following. I’ll use the example of a fictional company who provides walking tours of wineries in Niagara on the Lake. In the example I’ve provided below, my audience is interested in all things related to wine but now I want to narrow my audience so that it only includes people interested in wine who MUST ALSO like to travel and enjoy walking. However, I want to make sure that people who love biking don’t see my ads (we are a walking tour company, after all), so I’m going to EXCLUDE them from my audience.

Facebook detailed ad targeting

If you want to have an even more specific audience, you can choose to Narrow Further as often as you’d like.

I’ve included this awesome graphic from Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/business/help/182371508761821) which shows exactly who you target when you use these different types of targeting options. If you picture narrowing an audience like this, it will really help you target exactly who your customers are.

Exactly who do you target when you use these different types of Facebook targeting options

It goes without saying that the more specific your audience is, the more likely it is that the right person will take action on your ad. If you’re using personas, this is the perfect way to use them in your online marketing strategy.

Have any questions about how Facebook’s Flex And-Or Targeting can help your business? We’re always happy to help so send us an email or head over to Facebook to join the discussion.