Why Is Google Calling Me About My Google Ads Account?

February 2, 2023
Google Ads reps annoying a client with their incessant calls – Ontario SEO

So you have a Google Ads account. Great! What’s not so great though are the incessant calls and emails that come along with having one. These calls are typically from “Dedicated Google Account Strategists” asking if you have time to discuss your account, stating that they have “helpful” recommendations to improve your account’s performance.

If you’re a client of Ontario SEO, however, we want to let you know exactly why you don’t need to answer these calls, how we handle these inquiries, and how you can respond to these representatives if they won’t leave you alone.

Why You Don’t Need to Respond to Your Google Ads Representative

When working with us, you don’t need to worry about responding to these Google reps because we handle these inquiries ourselves. Why? Over the years, we have found that Google Ads reps have become less and less helpful and function more like telemarketers than actual account strategists. They often provide non-specific recommendations that are in the best interest of Google Ads. Often these recommendations are both unhelpful and potentially damaging to your campaigns because these representatives don’t have the expertise and in-depth knowledge of your business goals. As your digital marketing partners, we believe it is important that we review all recommendations these reps make and only implement the ones result in better campaign performance and ROI.

Why You Need to Be Cautious of Google’s Recommendations

The recommendations Google Ads reps are making on these calls typically come Google’s list of “best practices” for the quarter. Many of the suggestions are directly tied to the automated recommendations that are built into the Google Ads platform. Implementing these “recommendations” can automatically apply changes to budgets, bids, keyword targeting, audience targeting, and more. And most importantly, they can significantly impact your account performance.

As part of the management of your Google Ads account, our Digital Advertising Specialists regularly review your automated account recommendations and only implement the ones that we know will benefit your campaigns. Often, however, these recommendations are problematic and are not aligned with the goals of our clients.

Don’t Worry about “Optimization Score”

What’s also problematic about Google’s recommendations is that they are used to calculate an “Optimization Score”. Your account optimization score claims to estimate how well your ad account is set to perform on a scale of 0-100%. This is often the metric Google Ads reps use to convince you that you need to talk to them about your account’s performance.

However, this score does not measure account optimization. It is actually the proportion of Google recommendations in your account that have been applied and/or dismissed in the “Recommendations” report. If you were to dismiss all of these recommendations, you would get an optimization score of 100%. Optimization score can easily be manipulated and is not tied to any actual account performance metrics. Therefore, it is not a metric that should ever be taken seriously, no matter how much a Google Ads rep claims its importance.

For more information, we recommend you read this blog: The Danger of Auto-Applied Google Ads Recommendations.

How to Respond to Google Ads Reps If They Won’t Leave You Alone

If you’re sick of getting calls and emails from Google Ads reps, here is a sample email you can send to try and get them off your back:

Hi [Google representative],

Thank you for reaching out regarding our Google Ads account. While we appreciate your interest in working with us to improve the performance of our campaigns, I would like to respectfully request that you stop contacting me directly and instead direct all of your communication to our agency, Ontario SEO. They are the ones who will be reviewing your recommendations and will be making decisions on how to proceed.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to working with you through our agency.


If you have any questions or concerns about Google Ads reps contacting you, please reach out to your Ontario SEO Account Manager who would be happy to help.