Google Partners Connect Event

November 19, 2015
Wayne speaking at the Google Partners Connect Event

This afternoon we hosted another Google Partners Connect event and were happy to meet some new faces from our community. If you attended the event and were looking for some key takeaways, keep reading! If you’d like to watch the livecast again or share it with someone, you can view it below.


How to grow your online business (from a Google evangelist):

Ontario SEO Google Partners Event

1. Connect with customers. Make it easy for them by being found on search result pages. Use the keywords your customers are going to be looking for and avoid jargon.

If you’re using Google AdWords, use ad extensions that can get people to call or send them to more specific sections on your site. There are twelve types of ad extensions available and some have a 30% higher click through rate. If you are a local business, you want to be in the top three positions for local results. Keep in mind that 50% of people searching for a business will visit it within one day. This is why it’s important to be found online!

2. Be mobile. 45% of people would rather give up vacation than smartphone. This show how much people rely on their phones in their everyday lives. Currently more google searches are happening on mobile devices than on desktop so if you aren’t thinking about mobile, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. And with 55% of teens and 41% of adults using voice search on their phones, it’s more important than ever to design for mobile so people have a good experience when they’re on it. This is easily done with a responsive design.

3. Track everything. Track offline conversions with estimated conversions so you can get a good idea across all devices. See if more of your customers are coming from mobile or desktop and use your ads to target them accordingly.

Have any question about what you’ve learned at the event? Contact us today and we’d be happy to help!


Wayne speaking at the Google Partners Connect EventGoogle Partners Connect Event food and snacks