Google Partners Connect Event – Spring 2015

Wayne Atkinson, Ontario SEO
Wayne Atkinson
May 15, 2015
Google Partners Connect Event hosted by Ontario SEO – Spring 2015

Today we were happy to host members of London’s Old East Village at our Google Partners Connect event. In case you missed it or want to review some of the key points, you’re in the right place. Or, if you’d like, you can rewatch the livecast below.

Google Partners connect Event at Ontario SEODuring the presentation, the Google execs focused on the importance of mobile in search. The use of mobile has long been on the rise and has officially surpassed desktop traffic. People are on their smartphones more than ever, checking them as often as 150 times a day. Plus, a staggering 45% of people would rather give up their vacation than their smartphones!

So with all that said, what does it mean for your business and your website? It means that you can’t ignore mobile anymore. Business owners need to ready for the moments when customers act on a need, like when their milk frother breaks and they’re searching online for a new one. Google is calling these moments “micro moments” and encourages businesses to catch their customers in every step of their buying journey – from consideration, awareness and experience – to the final purchase stage.

Since people are completing their buyer’s journey while on-the-go, waiting for a bus or waiting to pick up their child from school, businesses need to hit them at every stage in their customer journey. There are three key steps that are crucial to connecting with your customers in these micro moments.

1. Identify the moments that matter to your customers. What questions are they asking about your products during different stages of their buying process? If you aren’t sure, start by asking them questions while they’re shopping in your store so that you can deliver on their needs in the moment.

2. Deliver on their “in-the-moment” needs. You need to get the customer experience right in the moment that the customer needs it most. Will you customer want to read the specs on that milk frother they need to replace? Have that information easily available to them.

3. Measure the moments that matter. Make sure you’re investing properly in the right moments and getting the returns that you need. Have any more pressing questions about catching your customer during their buyer’s journey? Contact us today, we’d love to chat.