Google Partners Event

Wayne Atkinson, Ontario SEO
Wayne Atkinson
February 17, 2015
Google partners connect event

On February 11, we hosted a Google Partners event in our space at Ontario SEO. It was attended by some of our clients and contacts and we watched Google’s webcast and learned about AdWords and how you can make it work for your business.

Being a Google Partner means that we have the knowledge and experience that you need to help you maximize Google’s tools and in this case, AdWords. We know that the webcast we watched had a lot of information that might have been new to many people so we wanted to share a quick blog post to highlight some of our key takeaways from the event.

Take a look at our top takeaways below or feel free to watch the embedded video of the webcast in case you want to watch it again. As always, please contact Ontario SEO if you have any questions or are wondering how we can make AdWords work for you.

  • Mobile can help you grow – most of us are aware that the use of mobile is on the rise, but it’s important to realize that mobile can help grow your business, especially when you take into consideration that different types of searches occur on mobile vs. on desktop.
  • Think of the Google apps as tools – AdWords is simply another tool that can help you get in front of your target audience and help grow your business. Google+ is just another tool that can help you connect with your customers one-on-one and give customers your business information.
  • 45% of people would rather give up their vacation than their smartphone – this number is staggering and further supports the increasing importance of mobile. People are with their smartphones at all hours of the day so why not use that to your advantage?
  • Google made mention of GPS as becoming an element of search – we’ve suspected this might have been in the works and will affect search results page depending on where you are located when you are searching.