How to Write a Better Business Blog

Kim Atkinson Ontario SEO
Kim Atkinson
April 3, 2017
How to write a better business blog

A well written and informative blog can be an effective marketing tool for your company by increasing the number of visitors to your business’ website. Providing your website’s visitors with insider information about your business’ services, news, and industry developments can build the trustworthiness and authority of your brand and help move potential customers closer towards purchasing your goods or services. When you create quality business blog content and share it appropriately over social media, your business will have its own efficient and cost-effective marketing operation going that can help you increase your sales numbers!

Unfortunately, too often the effectiveness of this marketing technique is offset by mistakes business owners make when creating their blog’s content. We’ve assembled a list of helpful tips you can use to improve your blog and increase your business website’s traffic.

  1. Don’t set too narrow or broad a topic

    A good blog post doesn’t cover too much information, but it also doesn’t leave the reader wanting more. For example, let’s say you want to write a Christmas themed blog post for your restaurant business over the holiday season. Your topic would be too broad if your post began discussing what Christmas means to your family, the history of Christmas, how it’s celebrated around the world and so on. Your topic would be too narrow if you simply listed the holiday events your restaurant was hosting and the time they took place. In this case, you could strike a balance by talking about holiday events at your restaurant and providing a description of them as well as including photos from last year’s celebration. The appropriateness of the information would help you create a compelling business blog post.

  2. Write for the Correct Audience

    Remember that your readers are probably not experts on your business or industry. It’s important to discuss your topics using simple language and explain any words or concepts that may be unclear to a general audience. Strike a balance between sounding professional, but also writing in a way your audience can understand.

  3. Be interesting!

    Write about interesting things to keep your audience engaged. Do not be afraid to showcase new products or services your business has created. Showcasing your innovations will help you appear as a leader in your field.

    Experiment with different media types to discover what works best for your content. Sometimes a YouTube video may be appropriate to showcase a complex or visually interesting job you have done, or when you want to cover a company event or celebration. Add pictures to blog articles as including visual elements generally makes for a more engaging post.

  4. Have a second person read your copy

    A blog post written with correct English grammar and spelling will project a professional image of your business to your site’s visitors. It is essential you have someone who knows the language well look over your copy and correct any errors they find. The difference between the right and wrong word can change the meaning of your sentences so be very careful when writing and editing!

  5. Share Socially

    It is important your content reaches an audience after it is created and social sharing is one of the best ways you can do that. Set up social media accounts for your business and do not be afraid to pay to promote particularly interesting content. Boosting your creative content posts can increase the number of followers or likes on your social media account which allows you to continue marketing to repeat or future customers.

Following these tips will help you create compelling blog content that will get your business’ website noticed! For more tips and advice on how to improve your digital marketing strategy, check out our blog or give our team at Ontario SEO a call at: 647-361-5144.

Blog written by: Dylan Copland