My Digital Marketing Internship at Ontario SEO

June 27, 2018
Julia - My Digital Marketing Internship at Ontario SEO

Julia - My Digital Marketing Internship at Ontario SEO

Learning is a lifelong experience. Knowledge is power today. The more you inform yourself, the wiser you become. My experience working at Ontario SEO has been life-changing. Not only have I learned a lot, I have realized just how much I love the marketing industry. Every day is treated like a ‘school-day,’ because we never know when we might learn something new or revise the way take on tasks. With the evolving SEO industry, it is crucial that we stay informed on the latest trends and changes being made. Here at Ontario SEO, we approach everything with a positive-attitude and a desire to learn more.

My very first task at Ontario SEO was to cut my Birthday cake for all the staff, which was a very challenging assignment that required the mathematical skills of symmetry! All joking aside, being able to work at Ontario SEO for the past few months, has taught me a lot about how a successful business functions and the things that contribute to success. Having the right attitude in the work place is important when learning and overcoming challenges. I know that teamwork is essential for progress and that conflict will be overcame. No one said that success came easy! This is a company that fosters growth, creativity, and learning opportunities. Countless times, I have been able to explore my own creativity. I have learned that you don’t have to look too far for help or answers. Everyone at OSEO is a Google Prodigy! Just kidding, but they are eager to help you learn. There is no better classroom than learning through experiences in the work place.

I was able to step out of my comfort zone and learn many new things. I never thought that I would be able to use programs like Microsoft Excel and Drupal 8 effectively, until it was required. Sometimes I struggled to understand how to transfer webpages or create pivot tables, but I did not give up. The Ontario SEO staff inspired me to work harder, try my best, and learn from my mistakes.

Aside from all the life lessons and workplace morals, I also got the chance to learn a lot of interesting information and skills through my research and training:

  • The big difference between paid versus organic digital advertising
  • The importance of humanizing your brand! People like to see real people working hard, accomplishing their goals, and standing by their company mission. Engagement is much higher when you humanize a brand, because it shows that your company cares about more than just financial success.
  • Most people locate services through a Google search, and that is why SEO is so important. They will most likely choose a company that appears on the first page, because there is an element of trust and validity.
  • How to create the perfectly optimized page to appear relevant and up higher in the Google search results. An optimized page can generate more widespread publicity. It creates trust between the business and consumer.
  • How to identify and develop competitive strategies by evaluating Facebook ads, meta-descriptions, and social media profiles or posts of competitors.

Ontario SEO has provided me with a variety of learning experiences and has made me a stronger individual in business. If someone were to ask me what the best part about working here is, I would tell them, everything! The work is rewarding, the learning experience is phenomenal, and the staff is incredible. My work experience here is one that will stay with me for life. When I came here, I had very little knowledge of SEO, I’m still no expert, but I have grown to love the fundamentals of SEO.