New Federal Privacy Bill Could be a Positive for Marketers

Joshua Waller, SEO Manager at Ontario SEO
August 26, 2022
The American Data Privacy and Protection Act

Tough Data Gathering Standards Could Help?

The American Data Privacy and Protection Act’s (ADDPA) new bill would provide a privacy standard that would override any current state legislation. Though the new bill’s intention is to make targeted advertising more difficult, it would allow marketers to comply to one single American regulation, rather than the current patchwork of legislation across states.

The bill itself is in its infancy but has already been shown bipartisan support. 

What is proposed in the ADDPA?

Keeping mind these bills tend to change as more and more fingers find their way into the pie, the bill in its current form includes the following: 

  • Preventing companies from collecting data beyond what is necessary to their business. 
  • Allowing customers to opt out of advertising all together. 
  • Protecting against algorithms and ad delivery that are deemed discriminatory. 
  • Allowing customers to edit or delete their data. 
  • Letting consumers to brin actions against companies for misuse of data after two years following collection. 
  • A total ban on targeting consumers under 17 years old. 

Why We Care

A national standard would go a long way in helping marketers avoid having to handle data differently depending on location. This will ultimately allow marketers more time to focus on what they do best.  

While there’s still a long road ahead for the ADDPA, it looks like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. A nationwide standard would be a much-needed resolution for both marketers and consumers.