Nielsen’s ONE Ad Launches Module for Deduped Measurement Platform

Mason DeLargie
Mason DeLargie
March 2, 2023
Nielsen launches new One ad measurement platform

Nielsen has released the first module of its audience measurement platform that promises deduped data on cross-screen platforms—including TV, CTV, mobile devices, and desktop computers. Kim Gilberti, SVP, product management at Nielsen, reaffirmed the need for cross-audience reading “to really understand who you’re reaching,”. The platform was originally announced in December 2020 and is now fully functional and made available earlier this year. 

Why Should We Care?

Nielsen aggregates “big data” from multiple platforms into a cohesive, single set of metrics that can be easily compared due to the standardized format across the platforms. This allows advertisers and stakeholders to analyze the performance of campaigns or consumer behaviour easily and compare with a single format. The convenience and simplicity Nielsen ONE Ads offers makes it a difficult product to ignore as data becomes increasingly available and therefore more varied. Cross-screen measurement is the future of targeted, digital advertising. 

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