The Ontario SEO Happy Bell

Kim Atkinson Ontario SEO
Kim Atkinson
May 19, 2017
Happy Bell

If you’re wondering what a happy bell is, let us be the first to tell you! A happy bell is something we ring in the office whenever someone has an accomplishment that we feel the need to celebrate. The happy bell can be rung for many reasons but every time we ring it, it lets staff know their work is appreciated by the whole team and also by our clients.

So when exactly do we ring the happy bell? A simple list could never cover all the reasons why we’d celebrate and ring the bell but this is a great starting point!

Ontario SEO Happy Bell

  • When a client gets on the first page of Google
  • Good work acknowledgement
  • Increased conversions on a client website
  • Decreased bounce rate on a client website
  • When we launch a website or website redesign
  • When we fix a particularly tricky issue
  • When a client thanks us
  • When a good review comes in either on a website or on social media
  • When client tells us business has improved (and that their phones are ringing!)
  • When we complete a project
  • After all monthly reports are out (trust us, this takes a lot of work!)
  • When someone gets a perfect score on a Google test
  • When we get cake, cupcakes or treats
  • (bonus ring for chocolate – have you noticed how much we love cake at Ontario SEO?)
  • When we get a referral from existing client
  • Excellent team work
  • When a client approves a new strategy, promo, campaign or video
  • When an event reaches capacity (ours or a client’s)

At Ontario SEO we treat our client’s successes as our successes. We invest a lot of time and energy into making sure that not only our clients are happy but also that their dedication shows through to their potential clients.

We love what we do, we love working as a team and solving problems and coming up with solutions.

So if you are already a client and you have good news please don’t forget to share it with us so we can ring the bell or if you want to be a part of the celebration contact us and find out how we can start working for you.