Ontario SEO Named One of London’s Best Places to Work 2021

July 13, 2021
Ontario SEO featured in London Inc's Best Places to Work 2021

We are excited to have been chosen as one of London Inc Magazine’s Best Places to Work 2021. For the second year in a row Ontario SEO was selected as the winner of the Best Places to Work in the Small Business category. The award highlights London businesses whose employees rated them exceptionally high for leadership, personal engagement, collaborative culture and employee satisfaction.

The winners for this year came out on top of more than 100 applicants – all from different industries such as real estate, technology, finance, construction, and marketing. Regardless of the industry, all the organizations have one common goal – creating a supportive and empowering workplace where employees are proud to work.

Ontario SEO celebrates second year as Best Place to Work in London, Ontario.
Ontario SEO featured in London Inc's Best Places to Work 2021

What Makes Ontario SEO One of the Best Places to Work? 

Our digital marketing agency is located in the heart of downtown London in a beautiful century home. On a regular day, it houses our team as we buckle down for our day’s work, enjoy a food challenge or celebrate a client success on the front porch. But 2020/2021 was an unprecedented year where colleagues were forced to work from home for months at a time.

Even with a physical separation, our team maintained our unmatched culture and comradery. We held daily stand-ups to keep tasks on track, weekly wellness challenges to make sure our team kept health top-of-mind and weekly virtual games as a creative way to keep the playful office banter and sarcasm alive. We even enjoyed a cocktail night Zoom party that lasted for hours!

Enjoying Work-Life Balance 

Sometimes it is the time apart that means the most – the team prides themselves on their ability to focus and deliver during the workday and turn off at night. Work/life balance has always been a staple at Ontario SEO and leadership recognized that the need for balance became even more important during the pandemic. Employees could log off at the end of the day knowing that their time was theirs.

Collaborative, Innovative and Supportive Environment

Here at Ontario SEO, our team is known for being passionate about their craft, dedicated to their clients and co-workers and constantly innovating to problem solve. Our entire agency operates on a foundation of integrity, trust and respect. Employees thrive in a supportive environment focused on growing positive client relationships through collaboration and continuous improvement.

“What makes Ontario SEO a great place to work is the mutual respect our team has for one another. It means we can openly share our different perspectives, innovate, ask questions and dig deeper without fear of judgment.”

Meaghan Butler, Advertising Specialist

Continual Growth, Client Success and Committed Team Members

In the past year Ontario SEO has continued to thrive and acquire new business, while getting creative about supporting existing clients during a difficult time. We have a roster of long-standing clients who know they are in good hands. Clients aren’t held to a contract because we don’t believe they should be stuck in a contractual obligation if they are unhappy. The fact that our clients don’t leave speaks volumes about their satisfaction! Our employees have the same dedication. A third of employees have worked at Ontario SEO for over 2 years and another third have been employed for over 6 years. This is because things at Ontario SEO are anything but average, including compensation, benefits and career advancement.

“I love working at Ontario SEO because I get to be a part of complex and exciting projects! No two days are the same which creates the perfect environment for growth and collaboration. At Ontario SEO, professional development and enhancing your skills is encouraged and celebrated.”

Joshua Waller, Digital Marketing Manager

Our Score

Overall Engagement: 96% (up from 91% in 2020)
Dedication: 4.86 (up from 4.75 in 2020)
Effort: 4.86 (up from 4.50 in 2020)
Interest: 4.67 (up from 4.33 in 2020)
Net Promoter: 100 (steady at 100 from 2020)

Here’s a look at what those individual scores really mean:

Overall Engagement: An all-encompassing ranking of how employees assess the organization as a positive and fulfilling place to work over the long-term. Reported as a percentage.

Dedication: How strongly employees believe their work engages their skills and efforts and the resulting sense of meaning, enthusiasm, inspiration, pride and challenge. Out of five possible points.

Effort: A gauge of employees’ willingness to dedicate a high level of energy and effort to their work, even in the face of difficult challenges. Out of five possible points.

Interest: A reflection of how focused and happy employees are while on the job, characterized by time passing quickly and difficulty separating oneself from work. Out of five possible points.

Net Promoter: An index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of employees to recommend their organization to others as a great place to work.

Thank you, London Inc. and Ahria Consulting for recognizing Ontario SEO as one of London’s Best Places to Work for 2021. We are honoured to be named once again among London’s top workplaces.

Are you a good fit?

If you have a passion for digital marketing, a focus on personal growth and career advancement, along with a sense of humour, we would love to hear from you. Our client list is always growing and so is our team. Visit our Careers Page or send us your resume and tell us why you’re great.