Ontario SEO Staff Feature: Abi Benincasa – Organic Search Specialist

October 22, 2019
Abi Benincasa – Organic Search Specialist

What Would You Say You Do Here?

I pull together client data and competitor research to create a strategy to get our clients found online and to the top of the search engine results page. You could say that I am almost like a digital detective. I dig deep into webpages to understand WHY they are performing the way they do and HOW competitor pages are ranking.

Abi and Rupert

What’s A Non-Digital Marketing Skill/ Hobby of Yours?

I love dancing. I have danced since I was a little girl and used to compete all throughout grade school and high school. Currently, I get to teach at a few local studios to keep up with my non-digital passion. I also love playing with my dogs and going on hikes, I can’t wait to get back into the woods this fall – it’s my favourite time for a hike.

What Are Some Web and SEO Pet Peeves of Yours?

Sometimes it is assumed that SEO is just updating a title or a heading to include a high-volume keyword, but in reality, it is so much more than that. Too often websites are developed with the age-old idea ‘if I build it, they will come’. Unfortunately, people assume that if a webpage is made, it will rank, but little thought is given into expanding content or building the site structure.

Your website is arguably the most important marketing tool you have, take your time and create valuable content that you know your customers will engage with. Some web pet peeves of mine include:

  • Thin content on service pages: Tell potential customers and existing customers EVERYTHING you do
  • Auto generated titles and meta descriptions: Be strategic, but don’t be afraid to get creative
  • Unnecessary/excessive internal linking: The right internal linking could make a world of difference.
  • Poor navigation structure: This has a big impact on SEO as well as conversion.

To You, What’s Essential When It Comes to Successful Website?

I think it is essential to look at optimization as a cycle rather than a once off. Try to move the needle as much as you can. If something doesn’t work, go back and try something else. There is always something you can add to, remove or update on a page to make it more competitive. Too often in digital marketing pages are forgotten or seen as “done”. I think it is important to continue to evaluate where you started, where you are now and what you can do next to continue to improve your site.

Lastly, What Do You Think Is an Important Element in Enhancing a Company’s Online Presence?

It is important that businesses establish a strong presence online implementing a strategy that takes into account all the digital platforms: Social, Organic and Paid. Potential customers are looking for your service online every day – on a number of platforms. Create a digital presence that can’t be ignored with an integrated digital strategy that engages with users through every phase of the conversion funnel.