Ontario SEO Staff Feature: Karah Blandford – Account Strategist

December 13, 2019
Karah Blandford – SEO Account Strategist


What Would You Say You Do Here?

As an Account Strategist at Ontario SEO, it’s my job to drive the SEO and paid advertising strategy to continually grow my client’s visibility online. I interpret consumer behaviour and data trends and make recommendations to my clients to further improve their keyword rankings, conversions and overall online presence.

I Like to Turn Data Insights into a Story That My Clients Resonate with and Understand.

Working in the ever-changing digital industry naturally comes with a lot of data interpretation, and I love breaking this down to develop a strategy that makes sense both internally and to the clients that I work with.

What’s a Non-Digital Marketing Skill or Hobby of Yours?

When I’m not doing a deep dive into client performance metrics, you can find me at the gym, playing ukulele or networking in the London community. I love making connections both at work and outside of work.

What Are Some Web Pet Peeves of Yours?

Most often when working on client websites developed by other groups, I find that SEO has not been prioritized, when it is truly a foundational aspect of being found online. It can be frustrating to start working with a new client, only to find that basic SEO optimizations have not been implemented. You can have a beautiful website with a seamless user experience, but if you aren’t being found for your core keywords on Google, you simply aren’t doing enough.

What Do You Think Is Essential When It Comes to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy?

A truly successful online and digital strategy needs to be analyzed from all angles. SEO, paid advertising, content and user experience need to be integrated in order to achieve success. It’s important to have team members with a unique set of skills working towards one cohesive goal, which is what I love about working in an agency environment.

Lastly, What Do You Think Is an Important Step in Enhancing A Company’s Online Presence?

A lot of companies tend to shy away from the technical aspects of their online presence. In my experience, I’ve seen some amazing websites and brand messaging with little thought going towards the more data-driven aspects of online marketing. This has been changing over the years and I hope to see more companies taking their digital presence more seriously.