Customers don’t want you to just sell them products and services – they want to become endeared to your brand as an authoritative source of information and see you as the best possible choice to deliver exactly what they’re looking for.

Content marketing and promotion go beyond sales by delivering relevant, useful, and compelling information to your potential customers. A strategic content marketing plan humanizes your company and makes you more accessible to your target audiences because it shows you’re not just trying to make money, you’re trying to provide your clients with valuable narratives that align with their values and interests.

Content Promotion that positions you as an expert

When your client is searching for a product or service, they may be able to find what they’re looking for from a variety of businesses – this is especially true in today’s highly competitive market where consumers are flooded with options as to where they should spend their money. In a digital world, where clients have access to countless storefronts online, you need to stand out as an industry leader who caters to their needs and provides more than just a product.

When your client is searching online to make a purchase, they will be drawn to brands that go above and beyond describing what they offer to establish their credibility. Define your client experience by creating an inviting conversion funnel. Do this with content that incorporates a broad range of relevant search topics that encourage visitors to see your brand as a trustworthy and interesting subject matter aficionado. Avoid just creating and publishing content for the sake of publishing content. Ensure that content remains relevant and useful to the business and to your potential clients.

Content promotion that creates better user experiences

Your motivational narrative needs to extend across your entire digital presence. Ontario SEO will do more than just make your website sound engaging, we will incorporate your brand voice into all your digital marketing properties to ensure, no matter how they find you, your customers will experience consistent and persuasive messaging.

At Ontario SEO we have years of experience promoting content online:

  • Organic Social Media Posts
  • Blog Promotion
  • Paid Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Contests and Promotions
  • Content for Search (SEO)
  • PPC & Remarketing
  • Email Newsletter Marketing

We specialize in both organic and paid content marketing

Your customers use social media every day to connect with people and learn about which products and services may benefit them. Whether you are looking to amp up your social presence through organic or paid posts, Ontario SEO will help you build a plan for organic content marketing and online advertising that prioritizes shareable content.

For example, if your client is looking for pet products, they don’t want you to just describe your dog leashes. They want to see you genuinely care about their pet and that you’re on top of the latest trends.

Let us help you create content your potential customers get excited about. This will increase the likelihood they’re going to read about your brand, visit your website to learn more, and, eventually, convert into a paying customer. The added bonus is that if you create good enough content (which we assure you we do!), customers will help promote your brand by sharing your story with their networks.

It’s not very likely someone will share a post about the cool new dog blankets you make, but they may be willing to amplify a post about why it’s important to keep pets warm as temperatures drop outside. That’s the difference between sales and content marketing – it’s authentic, authoritative, and relevant to who you’re targeting.

Why choose Ontario SEO?

Our team understands the power of narrative, and we know how important it is to back your content up with research and a solid understanding of your customers. We put in the legwork to discover what your potential consumers are interested in and what they expect from you. Then, we combine keywords that will help online users find you into powerhouse content that motivates them to trust your brand and buy into your unique value proposition.

We love being creative and that’s essential because you can’t afford to sound like everyone else. Let us help you stand out – not just amidst the search results, but also as a business who gives customers more than they were looking for.