When half the world uses email, you can’t afford to half-ask email marketing

That’s right, there are currently 4 billion email users globally and, at this very moment, a portion of those people are looking for your products and services. But they can’t find you because you’ve become jaded by poorly done email marketing that makes you audibly groan before clicking “unsubscribe”.

If a person has provided you with their email, you already have a warm lead in your digital hands. You need to take advantage of this temperate opportunity to benefit from the unparalleled ROI of email marketing. But, when one email can make or break you: you need to communicate in ways that protect your company from permanent inbox banishment.

Our email marketing specialists will help you stand out against the billions (yes, billions) of messages that are reaching the people you need to reach. With scroll-stopping subject lines and strategic list development, our digital PR experts are going to change your email marketing content – and conversions – for the better.

Keep working harder, not smarter – or work with Ontario SEO

Effective email marketing isn’t about doing more. It’s about leveraging your resources more effectively to create targeted email campaigns that support vibrant customer interactions.

When you say the right things to the right people, email marketing empowers you to build credibility and boost sales. It gives you a direct line to people who have expressed interest in picking up what you are putting down, so don’t let your email lists and strategy go sideways.

Email Marketing Solutions for Emails People are Excited to Open

We make email marketing sound so easy; you might wonder why you need us. The answer is simple: email marketing is complicated. From curating targeted lists with valuable leads through to massaging your messaging and orchestrating scheduling, there are a lot of steps in between the strategy and pressing send.

Our team will support both the front- and backend development of your email campaigns, so you can stay focused on sales and services.

Email Marketing Strategy to Prevent You from Being a Pesky Marketer

We started this discussion by reminding you of all the times you’ve received an onslaught of emails that leave you ornery. By making sure only the customers who will benefit from your messaging receive it, email marketing strategy helps protect your brand integrity and customer relationships.

With the goal of increasing engagements – most notably, sales – a smart strategy will help you stay top-of-mind with your target audiences by ensuring your messages don’t tumble into their junk folder. Together, we will address your unique digital marketing goals and show you how we will measurably increase your capacity to reach them. Then, we will implement our email marketing strategy with a ton of personality and ROI-oriented pizazz.

We’ll Help You Choose – and Properly Use – the Best-Possible Email Marketing Software

Do you know which email marketing software is the most effective? Did your answer to that question come from an anecdotal success story from a YouTube influencer – or do you have qualitative and quantitative data to back up your claim? Our specialists have experience working with a variety of email marketing software’s and can help you select the right for fit for your marketing goals.

So many times, we work with clients who think their email marketing software is sufficient. It is only when we show them the superior aesthetics and usability of other platforms do they realize they’ve been duped. Instead of searching around and hoping you choose a viable option, Our email marketing experts will align your software with your sales and branding goals to make your messages more motivational.

Smarter Email Marketing Services, So Your Clients Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Contact Ontario SEO and let’s chat about how to make your email marketing a smart investment, instead of a pain in the inbox.