Why Choose Facebook Advertising

With more than 1.8 billion users, Facebook offers an abundance of opportunities to reach an active audience. Facebook advertising allows you to create customized and targeted paid advertising campaigns that are displayed on Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook Audience Network.

Facebook advertising allows you to target the right audience with your ads so that the right people are making it to your website. This, in turn, makes it easy for you to convert these visitors into paying customers because your Facebook ads have captured just the right audience.

What Ad Formats are Available on Facebook?

Facebook Advertising gives you the flexibility to select the most appropriate ad format depending on your objectives and goals. This customization allows you to make the most of your social media advertising budget and target the right audience.

The following ad formats are available on Facebook:

  • Traffic Ads: The ads are ideal for new product releases, promotional efforts, or blog posts. They encourage users to visit a specific page on your website and learn more about new products or services.
  • Engagement Ads: This ad format is great for businesses that are hoping to gain a greater audience reach. They encourage interaction with your posts to get more likes, shares, and comments.
  • Brand Awareness Ads: This is a great ad format to consider if you are targeting a new audience. It will reach an audience that is more likely to click on a new brand and displays your ad to a broader audience quickly.
  • App Install Ads: This ad format is specific to apps. It will direct traffic to new and existing web apps and encourage users to download these apps.
  • Conversion Ads: This ad format is used to encourage a specific action from your user and includes a call to action, which may include completing a form, signing up for a newsletter, or completing a purchase.
  • Lead Generation Ads: These ads allow you to create a lead generation form within the Facebook interface. The form collects specific data that may be relevant to your business, like contact information.
  • Reach Ads: This ad format focuses on showing your post to the greatest number of people. It allows you to broadly display your ad across the Facebook network.
  • Store Visit Ads: These ads are great for stores with physical locations. They will encourage in-store visits to local businesses using geographically targeted ads
  • Video View Ads: This ad format is specific to videos and encourages views to a specific video.

Examples of Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads allow detailed customization and can be displayed in a variety of formats including:

Facebook Image Ads

Facebook Image Ads are one of the most popular and most versatile ad formats. They work for almost every industry or business type. This format allows you to use enticing imagery to encourage Facebook users to click on your ad.

Whether you are reaching out to existing customers or looking to expand your customer base by targeting new customers, the targeting options available within Facebook Image Ads are endless.

Facebook Image Ads

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads are becoming a popular ad format. Video posts, in general, are gaining more popularity, and are more likely to be engaged with than other ad formats. Use Facebook Video Ads to promote your brand story, build awareness and engage with potential customers.

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Canvas Ads

These Facebook ad formats allow for much more customization and opportunities than traditional paid social media. Facebook Canvas ads allow you to include more visuals, video, and information within a single ad. This interactive format is best used for engagement and brand awareness, promoting a single message or theme. It’s important to consider the primary image that you are using to ensure that it will be enticing and engaging enough for a user to click. The first page of your Canvas Ad is also highly important to ensure your ad gets user engagement. Generally, this page should answer a question or provide a solution.

Facebook Canvas Ad Elements

Your Facebook Canvas ad can include a combination of the following assets:

  • Header image with a logo
  • Full-Screen Images
  • Text Blocks
  • Buttons linking to your website
  • Image Carousels
  • Auto-Play videos
  • Product Sets
Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Carousel Ads

This interactive Facebook ad format looks good anywhere it is viewed on Facebook; whether it be on desktop or mobile, the high-resolution imagery will capture your audience’s attention.

The Facebook Carousel Ad format allows you to feature up to 10 images that can then be directed to individual pages on your website. Whether you want to feature your range of products, services, locations or lifestyle imagery to potential new clients, this Facebook ad format allows you to visually engage your target audience.

Facebook Carousel Ads

Ontario SEO Facebook Ad Creation Services

The team at Ontario SEO can create unique and customized visual elements for your Facebook Ads such as:

  • Custom imagery and branding
  • Compelling ad copy
  • Branded videos
  • Branded image slideshows
  • Interactive media for canvas ads

Our Facebook Ad Creation Process

Research-Driven Social Media Strategy

We perform research based on your industry and social media marketing goals to create a strategy that will make the most of your budget while targeting your ideal audience.

Campaign Overview & Social Media Calendars

Based on our research, we create the ads and put together our ad recommendations in a campaign overview document or a monthly social media calendar so that you can review and approve your ads before we proceed to scheduling and publishing.

In this document, we include:

  • Goals and objectives of the ad(s)
  • Ad budget allocations
  • Audience and targeting recommendations
  • Type of ad & ad duration
  • Ad images, ad layout & ad copy

Ad Campaign Management

Once you approve your ad content and campaign strategy, we will schedule your campaign or monthly promotions. Your campaign will be monitored continuously to maximize your ad performance within your budget. All clients receive detailed reports on their ad campaigns or monthly ad performance. This data is then used to further optimize new or on-going Facebook ad campaigns to improve cost, audience targeting and reach.

Why Should I Choose Ontario SEO?

Because a like is not a lead, and we understand that advertising is about driving new business and improving your bottom line. That’s what we do.

At Ontario SEO, pride ourselves on staying current with the latest social media marketing trends and industry research. We understand the fundamentals behind a successful and strategic Facebook Ad campaign, and we can help plan and manage your Facebook ads to ensure that they are aligned with your business needs and goals.

Interested in learning more about Facebook advertising and social media marketing? Contact our team of professionals to find out how to get started.