What is Facebook Conversion Tracking?

Facebook conversion tracking helps you understand how effective your Facebook ad campaigns are by providing information about the people who visit your website from your ads and the actions they perform while they are on your site. 

By using the Meta Pixel (a piece of code) on each of your main website pages such as your checkout, product, and registration pages, you’ll see how many people took action based on your Facebook ads and which of those ads led to a conversion. 

What are the Benefits of Facebook Conversion Tracking?

There are plenty of benefits that come with Facebook conversion tracking such as:

  • Getting detailed audience data that can be used to build custom audiences (used to retarget your advertising to those same visitors later). 
  • Measuring the performance of your ads to see how many clicks they received and how many people took action on your website. 
  • Advertising is more effective because Facebook delivers your ads to the people who are the most likely to take action. 
  • Direct measurement of the value of the leads you generate from advertising on Facebook. With the Facebook Pixel, you can measure the return on your investment (ROI) by knowing the number of conversions you’re receiving and what each of those conversions is costs to generate. 

Facebook Conversion Tracking Services

Need help setting up a Meta Pixel? We’ve got you covered.

Ontario SEO will track all your Facebook ads by integrating the Meta conversion pixels onto your website or landing page.
We will:

  • Generate the Meta pixel code.
  • Insert the code onto appropriate pages on your website.
  • Verify that the pixel is active.
  • Setup an event and conversion tracking framework.
  • Create your ads.
  • Monitor your ad performance by measuring conversions.

Why Should I Choose Ontario SEO?

Ontario SEO is a team of highly specialized experts in digital marketing, with social media skills and tactics that produce results. Additionally, our team knows how to understand, monitor, and analyze the information they’ve gathered from your advertising data. We take that data to identify what’s working and what’s not to make any positive changes necessary.

Understand where your Facebook Advertising dollars are going

If you would like more information about implementing a Facebook conversion tracking strategy, please contact us today. We’d love to show just how cost-effective Facebook ads can be.