What is Google Ads Conversion Tracking?

Google Ads conversion tracking allows you to monitor the actions your customers performed directly after clicking your ads. Correctly implemented, Google Ads conversion tracking will tell you if the leads generated through Google Ads lead to a conversion: a purchase, newsletter signup, phone call, contact form, app download, or even a store visit**. With correctly implemented conversion tracking you can directly calculate your returns on your Google Ads spend. Once your account is properly tracking conversions, your account can be optimized for actions that are profitable, not just clicks or CTR.
**Beta feature is not available to all account holders

What are the Benefits of Google Ads Conversion Tracking?

There are plenty of benefits that come with utilizing the Google Ads conversion tracking tool such as:

  • Allows you to directly calculate your return on ad spend
  • Showing you which keywords, ad groups and/or campaigns are bringing you the most valuable customer activity.
  • Will provide you with the data necessary to make an educated decision about your ad spend.
  • Provides a “Smart Bidding” option that is part of an automated bid strategy that uses machine learning to optimize for conversions.
  • Allows you to understand the customer journey across devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Ontario SEO Conversion Tracking:

At Ontario SEO, we implement conversion tracking on every Google Ads campaign we work on. Whether you are interested in phone calls, form submissions, or e-commerce transactions, we have a conversion tracking solution that will ensure a profitable ROI on every campaign we manage:

  • Google Ads & Analytics Conversion Integration
  • Google Ads Call Tracking
  • Webforms and Forms
  • Checkouts/Transactions
  • 3rd Party Shopping Carts

Why Should I Choose Ontario SEO?

At Ontario SEO, we use an integrated approach to Google Ads Campaign Management; we measure success on our Google Ads accounts by conversions, not by clicks or CTR (click through ratios). And, we have a highly experienced team with the technical expertise and a proven track record of successful Google Ads conversion tracking.

Ontario SEO is a Google Partner, which means we are a recognized Google Ads agency with a proven track record. We also have an in-house developer; Google Analytics specialists and all our Google Ads account managers hold Google Ads Certifications. Our specialists are extremely proficient in Google Ads conversion tracking and can fix most conversion tracking issues.

If you would like more information about Google Ads conversion tracking to help boost your ROI, please contact us today. We would love to help you take your Google Ads campaign to the next level.