Drive Leads with Google My Business

Looking for a way to stand out from the six other car dealerships in your area? With a properly setup and optimized Google My Business listing, you can not only increase your online competitive advantage, but drive more engagement and online leads as well. While GMB listings are critical for most local businesses, they are especially important for local car dealerships as they have additional functionality that other businesses don’t have access to.

Think of Google My Business as your online showroom – it is the first thing customers see when they are searching for your business – and the same care should be given to your GMB listing as you give to your dealership.

Google My Business Features for Auto Dealers

New car dealerships can create multiple Google My Business listings for each section of their business (sales, service, parts etc.), while most other business verticals are limited to one. This is a gift from Google and we highly recommend you take advantage of it. Be sure you have it setup properly to avoid encountering issues with duplication.

If you are a new car dealership, let the experts at Ontario SEO help set up and optimize the following listings you could have access to:

  • GMB listing for your car dealership.
  • GMB listing for each brand of car you sell.
  • GMB listing for each department of your dealership.
    • Sales
    • Parts
    • Services

Your Competitors Aren’t Doing This, So You Should Be

Implementing multiple listings for your auto dealership can increase your visibility in the Google search results, provides more information for your customers, drives more organic traffic and ultimately lets you acquire more leads from your Google My Business listings.

More importantly, many auto dealerships aren’t implementing this local SEO strategy as they don’t know how to, and many don’t even know this opportunity exists. Your opportunity to be ahead of the competition is now, and we are here to drive you through the process.

Rely on the Google My Business Experts for your Auto Dealership

With more functionality, comes more responsibility. At Ontario SEO, we know the intricacies of Google My Business and can efficiently setup and optimize your auto dealership’s Google My Business listings without a hitch.

While it’s tempting to rush and make these changes on your own, there are some technicalities that come with Google My Business, and best practices need to be followed or it can cause more harm to your organic visibility then good! Implementing these listings incorrectly could cause the wrong listings to show for specific search queries, duplicate listings and in the worst-case scenario, a suspension of your listing.

Let us take care of your auto dealership’s Google My Business listings so you can focus on your business.