Increase Your Practice’s Local Visibility 

Google My Business (GMB) has been a vital tool in enhancing a business’ local, organic visibility but for the longest time, Google My Business was not available for practitioners (such as doctors or lawyers). Until recently, practitioners had to rely solely on their website for organic rankings, but now with some specific requirements, practitioners can create their own Google My Business listings to improve their local rankings and visibility.  

Don’t Get Lost in the Digital Noise, Let us Help You Stand Out 

Think of Google My Business as your virtual office – it will be the first thing potential (or current) clients see when they are searching for your business. The same care should be given to your GMB listing as you give to your professional practice.  

Google My Business for Individual Practitioners

While there are specific requirements an individual must meet before creating a GMB listing, the positive effect this listing will have on your organic search traffic will be substantial. If you are one of the following professionals listed below, you may be eligible for a Google My Business listing: 

  • Dentist 
  • Doctor 
  • Lawyer 
  • Financial Planner 
  • Insurance Professional 
  • Real Estate Agent 

In addition, you must also: 

  • Operate in a public facing role 
  • Have your own customer base 
  • Be able to be contacted directly at the verified location during your hours of operation 

It is also important to note that even if you have multiple specializations, you can only create a single GMB listing. However, our GMB experts have tactics and techniques to ensure all your specializations and credentials are visible to potential clients.  

88% of Local Searches Result in a Visit or Phone Call 

What if there are multiple practitioners at a single location? 

More often than not, there are multiple public-facing practitioners at a single organization’s location. Stand out amongst your colleagues and create your own GMB listing with all of your specific business information (direct phone number, hours of operation etc.). It is important to note that you should not include the name of your organization in your GMB listing’s name – only include your name with your credentials.  

If you represent the organization, you should also create a Google My Business listing, separate from the practitioner listings to ensure that you remain visible for branded search terms.  

What if you are a solo practitioner that belongs to a branded organization? 

If you are the only public-facing practitioner at a location that represents a branded organization, you have the unique opportunity to include the organization’s name as well as your name. For example, your GMB listing’s name could be “Insurance Company: Jane Doe”.  

Seems like a lot of work, rules, and restrictions? It is – leave it to the professionals at Ontario SEO 

We know all the ins and outs of Google My Business and are constantly staying up to date with the forever changing updates. We can efficiently setup and optimize your GMB listing to ensure your practice is generating the most organic traffic and engagement possible.  

As Google My Business listings for practitioners are unique, they are under a watchful eye and any violations of policy can result in quick suspensions or removals of your listing.  

Let us handle your Google My Business so you can focus on what matters the most, your clients.