Digital Marketing for Hotels

When you’re selling a hotel experience, you need a marketing team that knows your business. Together, we can optimize your customer journey and build a digital strategy that scales.

The opportunities are undeniable.

In the complex digital environment where the path to purchase starts long before the booking, every touchpoint with your guests is an opportunity to capture attention, inspire, upsell, or establish loyalty.

By maximizing your visibility and optimizing your messaging in search engines and on social media, a good digital marketing strategy can deliver a steady stream of online reservations and leads. If you’re not capitalizing on these opportunities, you’re leaving the door open for your competitors.

Trust our guidance.

Our travel-focused teams have experience ranging from luxury hotels and villas, to tour companies that dominate their markets. We know how to reach customers effectively throughout their entire journey, from discovery and planning to the moment they book their accommodation and beyond.

With dedicated experts in SEO, digital advertising, social media and content writing, we’ve spent years crafting growth strategies that deliver.


Despite the chaos brought on by the pandemic, our hotel clients have bounced back and achieved incredible growth beyond pre-pandemic levels.


Annual website
revenue since 2015

SEO, Digital Advertising &
Content Creation

One of our many long-standing clients is a luxury chain of boutique Canadian hotels. What started from a disastrous experience with a previous agency quickly became a large multichannel project spanning search engine optimization, Facebook advertising, content writing, and more.

With years of improvements to their digital presence, their website revenue has improved by over 4x in the last 7 years, with annual growth averaging 25%.

Perhaps the most remarkable achievement was a 73% increase in annual revenue in 2021 compared to 2019 (the year before the COVID pandemic, and previously their best year ever). Our comprehensive digital strategy and agility in responding to market changes has played a key role in their success.

Search Engine Marketing
& Social Media

A leading tour company in Mexico came to us with a challenge – increase their organic visibility and transactions to reduce their reliance on third-party travel booking sites.

Our strategy was centered around three major themes: increase visibility, improve local presence, and broaden market share.

By investing in digital marketing with Ontario SEO, they saw a 75% increase in organic traffic, a 24% increase in conversion rate and an 84% increase in revenue from their website (2021 vs. 2019).


Increase in
Website Revenue



Per lead for
luxury weddings

Paid Social Advertising

Between July and October 2022, we ran targeted Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns to generate leads for luxury hotel wedding venues in the Niagara region, a popular destination for brides and grooms from across Canada and the United States. Our focus was on filling availability for the off-season and weeknights.

Over 4 months, we drove 78 RFP submissions and other qualified leads with average costs below $100 per lead.

With high conversion rates and our client’s revenue per wedding exceeding $20,000 CAD, the ROI from this effort was >20x.

Our Expertise



Increasing brand visibility, attracting new audiences, growing profit through direct bookings, and developing loyalty.



Optimizing visibility for experience packages and generating interest and sales from national and international tourists.



Generating awareness, amplifying promotions and encouraging restaurant reservations for both locals and tourists.



Improving visibility across search engines and social media, and marketing luxury spa getaways for couples and groups.

The competition is intense, the stakes are high and failure to grow isn’t an option. That’s why we don’t just do SEO.

Digital Marketing Services

At the end of the day, your goals are our goals. We’re not just a vendor, we’re an extension of your marketing team – working seamlessly with stakeholders across your organization, from the CEO and Marketing Director to sales teams and other agencies.

Let’s have a conversation.

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