Landing Pages

A landing page is designed to make your visitor take action – not just to browse.

In the section on keyword research we described how your top keywords or keyword phrases should be matched to custom landing pages. Contrary to what most business owners think, not all visitors are supposed to go to your home page. If a customer is searching for “blue widgets” why send him to your front page that only links to your products page, which in turn will be able to send them to your widgets page?

Send customers directly to the page they’re looking for

The idea is to send a customer who is searching for widgets directly to your custom created widgets landing page. It is going to be relevant to them and give you a greater chance of gaining them as a customer.

Once we have an understanding of your goals for your web site, we will create a number of landing pages with unique, compelling content designed to entice potential clients to stay on your site and evaluate you as a possible supplier. A landing page requires in-depth analysis and research. It has to be targeted for the visitor who has reached your site after searching for your targeted keywords yet must still seem personalized to each and every visitor that reaches it.

Search Engine Marketing process

Landing Pages – focused on Conversion Optimization

We focus heavily on conversions when designing landing pages. A landing page should be clean, without distractions, and have a very clear call to action. Online marketing is a process; from acquisition to conversion to retention, it is important that your customers move smoothly between the stages. If your landing page is not crafted carefully and you.