Charlie the Boston Terrier is a “Canadian Gentleman”. He means business and shows up daily to the office in his tuxedo. He is slow to warm up to others, which makes him perfect for an internal role where he works behind the scenes ensuring orderly flow and time management of all projects at Ontario SEO.

Boston Terriers are highly intelligent and very easily trained which helps in his day-to-day tasks of problem-solving and negotiation between Account Managers and the Production team. He is no people pleaser, so keep him out of client meetings. Sometimes his approach can be a little ruff.

Charlie is nearly blind, so he uses his other senses to help guide his decision-making. He has learned to go with his gut in tough business decisions. He works best independently, partly due to his old age and mostly because he enjoys his own company over anyone else’s. He prefers to complete his tasks in the morning so he can nap by a window in the afternoon sun.

In his downtime, you will find Charlie out for a walk with his family or chewing on a good stick.