Eunice is our in-house digital advertising specialist. She can take a squandering business from 0-100, attracting more warm leads than their sales team can support. Eunice is rarely seen, not because she doesn’t exist, but because she’s always working hard at her desk.

When you see her in real life, you’ll notice her majestic horn sticks out – just like her ads in the Facebook newsfeed. But it isn’t just for show – the horn also acts as a magnet for targeting the right audiences across all digital advertising platforms.

Eunice’s special powers include:

  • Granting the wishes of B2B and B2C companies alike
  • Skyrocketing CTR faster than the speed of light
  • Dropping CPCs like they’re hot

You don’t find staff members like Eunice often, so we’re thrilled to have her on the team!