Too much white space? Jetta has got you covered (and will get you covered quite literally). While maybe not the cleanest of designs, Jetta likes to dip her paws in the mud and get a bit “abstract”. Your custom designs are sure to be the most creative in the dog park.

With about 2 years of experience as an Art Director (specializing in digital marketing and web development), Jetta likes to find inspiration in the finer things in life. Kibble, long branches and tattered towels are just a few sources of her artistic brilliance.

Afraid that adding in an Art Director will slow down the whole process? Not with Jetta. With certificates in “trick training” and agility, she is sure to whip up an entire web design that is optimized for SEO (shocking, we know) or ad creative faster than you can say “fetch”! Not only is she timely with her work, she is sure to check in with you every three to five minutes to ensure you are happy with everything. While there isn’t an added cost for this superior service, a scratch behind the ears will definitely get her tail wagging.

When Jetta isn’t directing her team of artists to “bump that up a bit” and “now move that a bit to the left”, she enjoys long walks, hugs and destroying “indestructible” chew toys.