With over 4 years’ experience of being cute, Juju is well-versed in client relations and sales. Although at times Juju may derail client or sales meetings by asking why her food bowl is only half full and if they’ve they considered changing their target customer to that of the feline variety, she does do her best to ensure that everyone at the meeting leaves with a smile on their face.  

Even when things become a little tense, Juju has a special way of distracting any human in a room by showing them her gloriously soft belly…just to look at of course. Those who try to pet it, do so at their own risk.  

While Juju enjoys being the center of attention in her current role, her dream job would be that of a Food Taster for a cat food manufacturer. She is currently in the process of trying to convince Wayne and Kim to change business models so that she can realize this dream.