Lola is Ontario SEO’s lead graphic designer. With her impeccable knack for aesthetics, she focuses her attention on the finer details and knows exactly how to create the purr-fect ad that will catch the consumer’s eye quicker than she can catch a mouse. She has mastered the entire Adobe Suite and can whip up a unique web design in a matter of minutes. Unlike most cats whose curiosity may have gotten the best of, Lola’s curiosity has been the driving force behind her success. She is constantly scoping out the world around her and looking beyond the surface of things, drawing inspiration from anything she can lay her eyes or paws on. Lola is a great communicator; her infatuating purr and charm are her secret weapons for getting her brilliant branding ideas across to the client while maintaining a level of professionalism. She is a critical thinker and an excellent problem solver – the perfect fit for Ontario SEO!

On her days off, Lola enjoys nice car rides with the windows down where she can take in all of the colours and smells of the city. She enjoys warm pea soup, cuddles and chasing laser dots on the floor (she has yet to catch the elusive red dot).