Milo is an experienced copywriter allowing his biting wit and comedic point of view come across in all his writing. His background in newspaper journalism has given him the skills he needs to do his job well and he always gets to the sole of the story. Milo leverages his unique talents as Ontario SEO’s resident Meme Creator. He has a knack for incorporating humour into his content, always using the right expression to get his readers laughing. Milo’s previous work history includes farming in Niagara and writing for not-for-profits in Michigan. He decided it was time to hit the pavement and keep running until he found a new company where he could feel at home. His many life experiences have taught him to understand different points of view and have given him the unique ability to communicate with all.

Don’t let his appearance fool you; he has a serious side and can get down to business. When Milo isn’t at work you can find him reviewing shoe websites or hitting the trails with his friends.