Skylah is Ontario SEO’s Senior Developer and is rarely seen around the office. She spends her days down in her developer cave with the lights off, the smell of tuna and catnip in the air, pumping out lines and lines of uncompromising JavaScript code at an incredible rate. While Skylah’s social skills leave something to be desired, her impressive coding skills make up for her lack of enthusiasm and grumpy attitude. Skylah does not participate in team activities; aside from despising her entire team, she is too busy making sure her websites are mobile-friendly, perfectly optimized and impossible to hack. Although she rarely leaves her cave, she still manages to get in trouble with HR on a weekly basis. Her nasty sass and hissing fits have landed her way too many trips to Gaia’s office, the HR Manager. The two do not get along, but Gaia’s fierce nature is the only thing that can keep Skylah in line, at least until her next visit the following week.

On the extremely rare occasions where Skylah isn’t mindlessly pawing at her keyboard in her lifeless cave, she can be seen sitting on the windowsill of the office entrance, contemplating her life and the choices she’s made.