Stella joins the Ontario SEO team as Lead Business Development Manager. It’s her job to showcase Ontario SEO’s talents and skills to new potential clients as the ideal choice for digital marketing services. Stella is the snuggly and snorty face of the company, always out attending local networking events and meeting with clients in style – sporting her black tuxedo.

Stella is a good listener, taking in customer and client feedback and concerns in an effort to demonstrate Ontario SEO’s exceptional skills and services to solve their digital marketing woes. She is also very passionate about branding and digital marketing and ensuring that businesses are well presented online. She is often out taking walks in the neighbouring, stopping potential clients along the way and asking them about their current digital marketing strategy. Stella also loves taking business on the road and enjoys long car rides to meet with prospective clients.

When Stella isn’t out networking and engaging with clients, she is hard at work working from home, laying in the sun contemplating digital strategies for her new clients and researching the latest industry trends.