PPC Advertising to Grow Your Business

Smart Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management that Drives Real, Profitable Results.

So, you’ve set up a killer website and you’ve written top-tier content to drive your customers there. Only you’re not seeing results as quickly as you thought you would. That’s where Pay-Per-Click  advertising (PPC) comes in. Where other areas of your marketing fall short, PPC can pick up the slack and drive leads that would have otherwise been lost.

You have the product. We have a way to get it seen.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. Just simply throwing money at a PPC campaign isn’t what’s going to drive real, profitable results for your business. Nothing irks us more than a poorly thought-out PPC campaign that wastes time, money, and erodes your trust in digital advertising forever. 

Your campaigns are only as good as the people who run them.

Despite what you may have heard, PPC isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of marketing channel. Not only can PPC be unpredictable with ad platforms changing their algorithms at the drop of a hat, but it can be costly if not managed properly by an expert. That’s where we come in. 

Your Trusted PPC Know-It-Alls

Our talented PPC know-it-alls experts have a track record of developing advertising campaigns that drive meaningful results for businesses of all sizes. By choosing to work with us, you can feel confident knowing that your campaigns are on-budget, that your ads are on-brand, and that your account is on-track to meeting your goals. 

Partner with an agency that treats your ads as an investment, not just an expense.

PPC Management Channels We Work With

Google Ads

Increase brand awareness and bring in highly qualified traffic at a low cost with a Google Ads campaign designed by our certified Google Ads experts. With the added benefit of being a Google Partner agency, our PPC Specialists are equipped to make data-driven optimizations to ensure that we’re on track to meeting your business’s goals. 

Microsoft Ads

Broaden your digital advertising horizons with a search engine that, while not as large as Google, still reaches 3.3 billion people per month. Being a smaller search engine than Google has its benefits: lower CPCs, less competition, better device targeting options, and more. Our PPC Specialists understand this untapped potential and will create a strategy that goes hand-in-hand with your ongoing digital advertising efforts to reach even more potential customers. 

YouTube Ads

Capture your customer’s attention with a compelling video advertising campaign through one of the world’s largest video sharing platforms. Our PPC specialists will optimize your viral-worthy YouTube ads to better target your audience and build brand awareness. 

Facebook Ads

Reach the right people, with the right message, at the right cost. Facebook advertising lets you target exactly the people you want, in a wide diversity of ad formats, for an attractive cost. Our Facebook Ads specialists have the experience and creativity to create PPC ad campaigns that drive real (and measurable) action.   

LinkedIn Ads

A strategic approach to capturing very specific audiences in unique verticals. LinkedIn pay-per-click advertising can be a highly effective B2B marketing platform. Reach exactly the people you need to with a wide variety of ad formats and delivery options. Our PPC specialists can execute end-to-end LinkedIn campaigns that generate results. 

That’s a lot to choose from! Good thing you are here.

Our Process (Steps to Achieving PPC Greatness) 

#1 Understanding Your Business Inside and Out 

Every business is unique, that’s why we perform comprehensive client intakes to learn as much about your business, competitors, customers, and goals as possible.  

#2 ROI-Focused PPC Strategy Development 

Based on what we’ve learned from your intake, our PPC team will prepare a customized, competitor-crushing campaign strategy that outlines campaign structure, keywords, targeting, ad creative, and other elements. 

#3 PPC Account Setup

Once you review and approve your awesome new PPC campaign, our team will set up your ad account and campaigns as well as Google Analytics & conversion tracking if needed. 

#4 Ready, Set, Launch!

On launch day our team will be watching closely to ensure your campaign is running smoothly and that we’re on the right path to deliver the results you’re after

#5 Campaign Optimizations for Continuous Growth

This is where the real work begins. Using a data-driven approach, our PPC experts will monitor campaign performance and make optimizations on an ongoing basis to ensure continuous account growth and improvement. 

#6 Monthly Reporting

Good or bad, you’ll never have to worry about being kept in the dark about your campaign results. Each month we will send you a report so that you can stay updated on how your campaigns are performing and, of course, see the hard work our team is putting into your account. 

Let us optimize your campaigns while you focus on what matters most – your customers.

Our Approach to Managing Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

Data Driven & Goal-Focused Campaigns

A directionless PPC campaign is just money out the window. Whether you have a goal in mind or need our guidance creating one, we’ll always run your campaigns with a clear and concise objective to ensure you get the best possible results within your budget.  

 Landing Page Testing & Optimization 

In PPC, the pre-click experience is just as important as the post-click experience. That’s why each month our PPC experts will test your landing pages for user experience, speed, and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Based on our findings we will make recommendations and, in some instances, implement them in order to improve your campaign’s results. 

Strategic Bid Management

Bid adjustments are a great way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your campaign by showing your ads to users who are most likely to take action. While managing your account each week, and if you’re using a manual bidding strategy, our team will make bid adjustments on individual keywords to help you remain competitive in the SERP. They will also assess the need for advanced bid adjustments on elements such as devices, locations, and audiences for even better targeting. 

Don’t let automation lull you into a false sense of success. When it’s human vs machine, the humans still win. Especially if we are the humans.

Structuring & Managing Your Ad Groups

A good PPC expert knows that managing a successful campaign often involves continually assessing the need to refine and restructure your ad groups. Our team does this regularly to create better ad relevancy and incorporate new keyword themes that show potential for profitability. 

On-Brand Ad Copy Writing & Optimizations

Our team will create compelling ad copy with strong calls to action, all the while ensuring synergy with your brand’s voice. We will also assess the need to pause underperforming ads and create new ones to remain fresh and competitive in the SERP. 

Keyword Management

Apart from managing keyword bids, our experts will continually monitor the performance of your keywords by looking at important data points such as CTR, conversions, quality score, and more. They will also regularly review the search term report to add additional relevant keywords that show potential for profitability as well as negative keywords to prevent paying for irrelevant clicks. 

We’ll make pay-per-click advertising profitable for you

Our PPC specialists will manage your pay-per-click campaign for an affordable monthly fee. You will benefit from our experience, sophisticated software tools, and our focus on profitability. While we focus on increasing the ROI of your campaign. That’s really all there is to it. 

No Contracts to sign 
We won’t tie you down with a long-term service contract. Our services are flexible and always start with a trial period. We’re confident you’ll see the value in our services within the first month. Go ahead – try us.