Abi Benincasa, Organic Search Specialist at Ontario SEO

What I Do: On-Site Optimization, Organic Search Analysis, Competitor Analysis

Abi joins the Ontario SEO team as an Organic Search Specialist. Abi is responsible for overseeing on-page optimization for client websites, ensuring that pages are performing to the best of their abilities, are improving organically and that every opportunity for optimization is identified and addressed.

Abi started her educational career at Brock University, where she pursued Media and Communication due to her interest in PR. She then continued her studies at Western University, where she studied Psychology with a specialization in Child Development and Cognitive Neuroscience.

After completing her studies – Abi was left wondering which direction she wanted to take in terms of a career. Due to her extensive educational background in human behaviour, her mom boldly suggested a career path in marketing. After some initial hesitation, Abi discovered the strong connection between marketing and human behaviour and decided to enroll in the Marketing Management Graduate Program at Fanshawe College to pursue a career in marketing.

Abi has a strong understanding of consumer behaviour and is an analytical thinker. She applies her research and analysis abilities when evaluating on-page opportunities in order to present the very best recommendations when it comes to optimizing client websites.

When Abi isn’t digging deep into keyword research to improve client’s site performance, Abi is often dancing; as a competitive dance teacher, she has been dancing since she was 1 and a half years old. She also enjoys the great outdoors and hiking with her miniature schnauzer Molly and reading Spider-Man comics.