Bogey may not be the front man at Ontario SEO but he is the first to be called upon when tech tragedies strike. Though Bogey can be a little jumpy in social situations, when left to his own devices he can sniff out the problem in no time. After 3 years of self-employment, Bogey has decided that it is time to join the agency life and Ontario SEO is the perfect place to begin. He is progressively becoming more comfortable with teamwork and loves to learn from his furry colleagues. Bogey is highly responsive & productive when it comes to troubleshooting problems. He often goes as far as locking himself in his office so he can have complete quiet.

His ability to dig up and destroy technical troubles is met by no other hound. Being new to the industry Bogey approaches digital marketing from a different perspective. With his laser focus and attention to detail, being behind the scenes is where he excels. You can often find Bogey tucked away in the corner on the look-out for those in need of technical support, but don’t let his shy demeanour fool you, once he comes out of his shell Bogey is the life of the party.