Emily Punnett

What I Do: On-Site Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Organic Search Analysis, Competitor Analysis,

As the Organic Search Specialist for Ontario SEO, Emily is responsible for overseeing on-page optimization, ensuring that our clients’ websites will perform well on the search engine results page (SERP) and therefore generate more organic traffic and leads.

Having experience in both an agency and in-house digital marketing environment, Emily has a deep understanding of the importance of “big picture thinking” and how every page on a website needs to not only consider search engine crawlers but also potential customers and where they are in the purchase journey.

Emily has an educational background in both Marketing and English Literature. After earning her B.A. in English at Huron University, she enrolled in Fanshawe’s post-graduate Marketing Management program where she learned to apply her strong critical thinking and writing skills to a career in marketing. She attributes the beginning of her passion for the digital side of marketing to when she took Fanshawe’s Google AdWords & Google Analytics classes. Emily continues to enjoy utilizing the technical knowledge gained from those courses and melding it with her ability to write creative and compelling content.

Outside of work, you can find Emily reading, painting, bingeing a good tv show, and playing with her adorable kitty, Juju.

Emily 's Latest Blog Posts

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