Kiersten Fay is a Content Writer and Digital Marketing Intern at Ontario SEO, currently enrolled in the Arts and Humanities internship program at Western University. Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with an honours specialization in creative writing and English language and literature, Kiersten demonstrates a passion for language, communication, and digital media. Complementing her studies, she minors in Media, Information, and Technoculture, showcasing a well-rounded understanding of contemporary communication platforms.

During her free time, Kiersten never settles for just one hobby. Whether she’s engrossed in a new book, crafting her own creative pieces, or immersing herself in the virtual world of video games. When she’s not picking up a new hobby to keep her mind sharp, her home is filled with love for her furry friends. Her dog Bailey and cat Pepper vie for Kiersten’s attention in a constant battle – though not for the top spot on a search engine results page, but for the title of favourite pet.